Top 10 Tips for Effective Parenting

There are a LOT of top 10 lists on the internet.  Here is a nice collection of collective insight learned over the years from phenomenal colleagues and incredible families.......feel free to leave your own tips on the comments section to keep this thread going.

7. Don’t cry ‘wolf’ too often

Just like the fable, when parents cry ‘wolf’ all the time, kids tend to tune them out, leaving parents feeling unheard and ineffective when crises occur.  Work toward finding balance when emotions run high and save crying ‘wolf’ until a situation calls for it.


Help – Digital Devices Have Taken My Family Hostage

The amount of time that is spent on digital devices is a common frustration for parents of kids, pre-teens and adolescents.  Research shows that being online is a choice that transcends kids, adolescent and parents in record numbers, with adults leading the way in terms of internet usage.  With more professional and academic tasks transitioning online, it is a trend that is unlikely to shift in the near future.