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Back To School Quiz and Resources For Kids of All Ages

As parents and kiddos struggle through back to school advertisements and the pain that the school year that just ended is transitioning to the academic calendar that is almost ready to begin, let’s take a look at some important factors in preparing ourselves as parents as well as our kids for the 2018-2019 school year.  As more and more research indicates the importance of wellness and mental health in producing happier and higher achieving students, let’s take a look at how prepared we are to promote good self-care and preparation for the upcoming school year.  Remember the importance of integrity (no peeking ahead at the answers) and genuine learning (not only learning the facts and forgetting them 4 minutes after the quiz!).  Enjoy!!

1.  What percentage of kids experience cyberbullying?

a. 10%     b.  12.5%     c.  20%     d. 25%


2.  What percentage of kids/young adults would change their online behaviors if they knew their parents were watching?

a.  15%    b.  25%        c.  38%     d.  46%


3.  What percentage of college admission officers look at prospective student’s online profiles?

a.  5%       b.  10%       c.  25%      d.  40%


4.  What percentage of kids with a diagnosable anxiety disorder are NOT getting treatment?

a.  10%      b.  20%      c.  50%      d.  80%


5.  How many kids struggle with school refusal in the United States?

a.  1 in 100    b.  1 in 50     c.  1 in 25     d.  1 in 20


6.  How many adolescents engage in cutting behaviors in the United States?

a.  3 in 100    b.  5 in 100    c.  10 in 100    d.  15 in 100


7.  How much more likely are LGB students to experience bullying than non-LGB students in the United States

a.  20%      b.  40%      c.  60%     d.  80%


8.  How many adolescents in the United States have at least one major depressive episode in a 12 month period

a.  1 in 25    b.  1 in 12       c.  1 in 10     d.  1 in 8


9. What is the average delay between onset of a mood disorder and treatment of that mood disorder

a.  6 months     b.  1 year      c.  3 years      d  8 years


10.  Everyone smokes pot in high school?  What percentage of adolescents have NOT smoked marijuana in the last year?

a.  20%      b.  25%     c.  50%     d.  65%


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How did you do? 


1-3 Correct – Need some study time – D

4-6 Correct – Good knowledge base – C

7-9 Correct – Impressive work! – B

A Perfect 10 – Your hard work has paid off – A

1.  Answer – D  Cyberbulling rates continue to increase in the United States.  Do you need resources to help monitor, call attention to and stop cyberbulling?  Here is a great resource site for parents, educators and adolescents to help reduce the impact and amount of internet, email and social media bullying.


2.  Answer – D  It is difficult to find a balance between helping adolescents find  autonomy and reducing a parent’s anxiety that their child will be safe with their newfound independence.  Here is a nice guide for monitoring behavior in general as well as a some guidelines for monitoring safe online activity.


3.  Answer – D  While it is tempting to post those great party pics to get some additional ‘thumbs up’ on your social media profile, college admissions officers can give the ‘thumbs down’ on a college acceptance.


4.  Answer – D  About 1 in 4 adolescents have a diagnosable anxiety disorder, but 4 of those 5 kids won’t seek treatment.  Research has shown that there are anxiety markers as early as kindergarten.  Undertreated or untreated mood disorders tend to not get better on their own and have been linked to increased anxiety, depression and high risk behaviors in adolescents and adulthood.


5.  Answer – D  As anxiety and depression rates continue to increase in prevalence in the United States, so do rates of school refusal.  Here is an articles around school refusal for parents and some resources and ideas to help support parents and kids struggling with anxiety about the upcoming school year.


6.  Answer – D  Self injury impacts about 1 in 7 kids in the United States and those numbers continue to grow.  It is a behavior that is extremely scary for the adolescent, parents and treaters.  Dr. Michael Hollander penned a nice article on adolescent self harm and a book to help parents understand self injury.


7.  Answer – D  Students that identify within the LGB spectrum at significantly higher risk to be bullied, cyberbullied, a victim of sexual abuse, a victim of violence and experience greater amounts of anxiety and depression in addition to higher rates of suicide.  It continues to be a group of adolescents that needs support and advocacy at home and in schools.


8.  Answer – D  Depression rates are steadily increasing in adolescence.  Here is an article that gives some context to the increase in teen depression and help parents and the community try and be proactive in helping those in need find support.


9.  Answer – D  Not surprisingly, untreated anxiety and depression can lead to increased difficulty in regulating emotions, social difficulties, decreases in school performance and maladaptive behaviors to try and ineffectively manage moods.


10.  Answer – D  Drug trends are studied each year for usage and perception of risk for each drug type and adolescent usage has continued to decline over the last five years.  Here is the complete study from the Monitoring The Future project.


Need additional resources on any of the information above?  Please feel free to jot them in the comments section and best of luck preparing for the upcoming academic year.

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Back To School Quiz and Resources For Kids of All Ages

Jim Holsomback

Jim Holsomback (MA; ABT) is the director of clinical outreach for McLean Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts and program director for Triad Adolescent Services, located in Lexington, Massachusetts. He has more than 20 years of experience working with adolescents and families struggling with anxiety, depression, substance use disorders and self-injury. Jim has a vast amount of experience teaching and supporting families struggling to identify ways to establish effective family systems as well as presenting in regional and national trainings and conferences on topics such as contingency management, digital and substance dependence and supporting parents of preteens and adolescents struggling with self-harm & suicidality.

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