Women and Men: Whose More Likely to Initiate a Break Up?


Until recently, studies had only been done on the breaks-ups of heterosexual married couples, and it had been found that the leading gender who initiated these break-ups were female.

But studies on non-marital heterosexual relationships are showing that the break-ups of non-marital relationships are in fact, gender neutral.  Michael Rosenfeld, an associate professor of sociology at Stanford University, conducted an analysis that relies on data from the 2009-2015 waves of the...


Highly Curious Approach to Gaining Power Over Anxiety

When anxiety hits, most of us cower to it. We submit to the primal instinct that says, fight, freeze or flee!

What if we did something different by conscious choice - something radically curious, unconventional and perhaps totally embarrassing?

I know, embarrassment is a powerful deterrent - very powerful. Wouldn't blame you if didn't even want to read on for all the gory details.

Still, if the choice is to hide from embarrassment and suffer anxiety for...


The Hidden Psychological Magnet for Emotional Pain

One of the characteristics of empowered people: They stay out of their own way.

Perhaps the number one method of getting in our own way is self-sabotaging personal expectations.

You’ve heard it said that disappointment is the difference between expectations and reality, right?

It could turn out that expectations govern so much more than disappointment. What about rejection, betrayal, humiliation, jealousy, and rage? Some of the most powerful negative emotions known to us are put...


Infants Have Personal Empowerment Goals, Too

There is no better feeling than looking down at your sweet baby’s face, and seeing a big grin looking right back at you.

But is there a motive to the sweet expression?

In the Sept. 23 issue of PLOS ONE, a team of computer scientists, roboticists and developmental psychologists confirm what most parents already suspect: when babies smile, they do so with a purpose--to make the person they interact with smile in return.

Do infants desire to...


How Others Try to Stop You from Setting Boundaries

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

Your mother asks you to come for dinner, but you’re busy that night or just don’t want to. You tell her you can’t make it. Her pained silence on the other end of the line eats at you. Now what?


Your husband asks you to help him find his phone, but you can’t right now. He gets upset. What should you do?


Your child asks you to let him go...


The Key to Safely and Effectively Saying NO

The key to saying NO safely and effectively is to stay emotionally connected to the other party.

For many of us, saying no means some pretty scary things. If you say no, you might fear that:

1. You will be rejected or ridiculed.
2. You will lose friends.
3. You will lose status.
4. You will be seen as a selfish person.
5. You will hurt others in some way.
6. You will be seen as self-righteous.
7. You will...


Do it or Else! 5 Mistakes Order-Givers Make

Who is this article for? Heads of families, managers and business leaders, community leaders of all kinds and anyone is a position to give orders to another person.

There are plenty of ways to soften orders. You can use the world, please. You can offer instructions, presuming the order. You can take a friendly tone. You can frame the order as a question: Will you please do X for me?

But the bottom line is this: I...


Women Today Sounding Like 1950’s Men?

I asked a question on my Facebook page:

QUESTION FOR Ladies Who Are In Relationships With Men:

What if he showed up one day and announced that he was IN CHARGE. He's your leader. He'll do his best to make thoughtful decisions and take care of you completely. He will consult with you. But there will be no questioning his authority any longer. And he means it. What would you do?

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You might...


8 Amazing Traits of Healthy, Submissive People

In the world there is nothing more submissive and weak than water. Yet for attacking that which is hard and strong nothing can surpass it.   ~Lao Tzu

This post is meant to compare and contrast with my earlier post, 10 Traits of Powerful People.

Paradoxically, submissive people are perhaps the most powerful among us, as you may gather from reading on.

We’ll do two things here:

1. Define a ‘submissive person’ (according to this blogger).