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Social Issues

Can We Enhance Mental Health Through Positive Institutions?

The absence of mental illness does not mean someone has flourishing mental health. This has been a common theme I have encountered lately, and is also one of the major focal points of positive psychology.

The idea of optimal functioning involves more than the absence of illness, and extends to our experience of positive emotions, using positive character traits, and developing positive institutions.

The development of positive institutions is a major...
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How Positive Psychology Enhances Youth Development

There is a vast array of problems that youth of today may have to face. It can be a fast and confusing world taking place during such a crucial stage of adolescent cognitive, psychological, and social development.

Living a mentally, physically, and socially healthy life is something that is learned. Promoting positive youth development means helping youth understand what success means to them, and the characteristics and skills of a...
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Social Issues

Student Satisfaction is Key to School Success: How Much Are Schools Responsible?

I was talking with a friend recently about her concerns for her teenage son regarding setting goals, planning for his future, and feeling more confident about school. She expressed wishing schools had some sort of "life skills" program.

I agreed with her, and had actually thought about this previously after looking into Positive Youth Development (PYD), which on a side note, is something I'll be writing a post on soon.

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Cultivate Compassion for a Better World and Better You

People all over the globe talk of a better and more compassionate world, whether from treating animals well, helping those in need, or taking care of the earth.

Compassion is a state of mind that could truly improve human existence, and from a personal level, can offer enhanced emotional well-being.

What is compassion?

Compassion is an emotional state that emerges when sensing the suffering of others. More specifically, it includes knowledge that...
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