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You Have More Power than You Think: How to Change the World One Small Step at a Time

I know the title of this post seems lofty and quixotic, but when you think about it, changing the world and making it a better place doesn't have to be as grandiose as people may think.

It's easy to believe we don't have the influence and to tell ourselves, "I'm just one person." "Who am I to make a difference?"

I say these are just excuses. We have a chance to influence thousands of...
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Purpose and Meaning

One Thing You May be Overlooking that Can Enhance Well-Being

There is something encouraging about a person who has a clear direction in life.

The goals they set, decisions they make, and values they hold revolve around a clear mission that offers them significance and engagement.

Their life has purpose and it shows.

Purpose helps us to establish meaning in life and relates to the goals we aspire to achieve. It is central to our lives and influences thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

It spurs our motivation and impacts the...
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