As the anniversary of the 9-11 attack approaches, it most likely brings up some difficult memories. It may stir remembrance of worries for your safety or fears about what was taking place.

I’m sure you remember where you were when the first building was hit. If you weren’t frightened by the sight of the first plane exploding into the side of the North Tower, the second tower was hit moments later and solidified that the occurrence was more than an unfortunate coincidence.

Though, as much as fear and worry emerge when revisiting this moment in our memory, we can’t neglect the level of courage and hope that also pervaded throughout this disaster.

Courage helps us face our fears and confront them.

Courage was seen at all levels and in every sense of the word. Not only were the fire fighters and emergency responders courageously saving lives and appeasing trauma, but general civilians, journalists, and many people who may have never stuck their neck out before this moment were driven to be there for others and do their part to minimize distress and loss of life.

These were everyday heroes. People who the day before had done nothing out of the ordinary.

People united and took a risk to save their neighbors and complete strangers. Everyone from the people trapped in the building to the people on the streets showed courage.

Courage helps us keep going.

Long after the disaster has taken place people are still showing courage dealing with trauma and perseverance in order to move forward in life. It took courage to clean through the rubble and to regain a sense of security.

The many men and women who risk their lives for the safety of their community or country everyday are also being courageous as they continue to protect and serve for freedom.

So, how does this relate to you?

It relates to you because even with many reasons to say “no” to living a full life, courage can allow us to start saying “yes,” despite our fears and uncertainties.

Courage is an everyday affair. You may not be in a position to risk your life to save another, and frankly you’re probably glad this is the case, but you can always be an everyday hero when you choose be courageous and live a life of meaning and purpose.

If firemen and police officers risk their life daily, why can’t we step out on a limb in the interest of living out our purpose and making the world a better place?

When it comes to fear we must remember that courage can always surmount fear. If we are willing to keep faith and call on the strength needed to get through whatever we are experiencing, the veil of fear can be uncovered and overcome.

Photo credit: cliff1066™