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Archives for July, 2011

Positive Psychology

Interview with Positive Youth Development Expert Marilyn Price-Mitchell PhD

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Positive Youth Development (PYD) expert Marilyn Price-Mitchell PhD. She is a developmental psychologist, educator, researcher, and writer who studies how today’s youth grow into healthy, successful, and engaged adults.

She synthesizes multidisciplinary research in psychology, education, sociology, child & adolescent development, social psychology, and neurobiology to bring evidence-based research to parents, teachers, civic leaders, mentors, coaches, and all those who...
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What Can You Accomplish With Love?

When you think of love there are probably many things that come to mind. Maybe romantic relationships, the love for material possessions, or the fondness we feel for family and friends.

Outside of the many expressions of love, its true power comes when we cultivate love within ourselves.

By cultivating love from within we can experience a growing sense of compassion and empathy for others as well as ourselves, and developing self-acceptance and...
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How Resilient Are You?

“What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” - Hans Selye (Nietzsche)

Are you able to adapt and respond productively to challenging situations?

We will all run into obstacles and challenges as we work toward our goals and aspirations, so being prepared to deal with them and respond in the most productive way possible is crucial to staying persistent and strong.

Resiliency can help us deal with stress and persevere in the attainment of our...
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How to Improve Your Self-Image

With every great building and work of architecture there is a strong foundation and framework that holds it up. We too must first have a solid foundation that will support our dreams and aspirations before we will ever truly be sturdy.

Our self-image is the bedrock of our goals and future success.

Developing a healthier self-image can improve relationships, lead us to set our sights on greater things, and help us feel confident...
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7 Everyday Ways to Uplift Your Mood

Every day we run into hassles and stressors that can start to build up and bring us down. Maybe you don't have enough time, you have too many responsibilities, or you're worried about some upcoming obligation.

Whatever hassles you're experiencing it's important to learn to deal with them, though at the same time, it's also important to fill our day with positive and uplifting experiences.

Uplifting experiences help us build positive...
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Are You Failing Enough?

Many people are held back by a fear of failure. They hold the perspective that failure means they aren’t meant to succeed, and that they aren't good enough.

However, failure offers us a perfect chance to learn and improve. Without failure we wouldn’t know what areas we need to improve in.

Think of failure as a form of coaching or feedback that gives you an opportunity to learn what can be done better.

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How to Put Positivity into Your Morning Routine

What’s your morning routine? Most people have a routine they follow every morning, and whether it’s eating breakfast, drinking coffee, taking a shower, brushing their teeth, etc., they usually follow it pretty mechanically.

So, why not bring more positivity into your morning routine?

Starting the day off with positive thinking, a healthy frame of reference, or a little inspiration can make a big difference in keeping you focused on what makes you feel...
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