If we examined the attitudes and behavior of the many successful people through history we would find a lot of similarities. In particular the way they dealt with failure and the faith they had for the future would really stand out as a paramount part of their success.

Being able to deal with struggles, staying determined, and expecting the best is not only crucial for mental health, but is necessary for achieving true success and using our full potential.

Below are a few traits that are crucial for success in relationships, business, and life in general.


The ability to bounce back from struggle and surmount difficulty is what resilience is all about. Are you the type of person who is flexible, pliable, and able to roll with the punches when going through a rough patch?

Resilience protects us against stress and adversity and allows us to build greater psychological strength.

If you embody the following traits you are likely a resilient person.

  • Have a support network
  • Generally flexible
  • Self-reliant
  • Curious
  • Generally optimistic

Do these characteristics describe you? What can you do to incorporate more of these characteristics into your life?


What expectations do you have for the future? Optimistic people tend to view problems as temporary and less permanent. As well, they are able to attribute success and failure in a way that protects their self-esteem. They don’t personalize mistakes and are able to distinguish between specific and universal situations.

An optimist will expect success and tend to look for opportunities. What are some of the other advantages of being an optimist?

  • Increased motivation
  • Superior achievement in work, school,   & sports
  • Elevated mood & well-being
  • Better physical health


Staying passionate and having an inspiring vision for our life is a major part of keeping a positive attitude and being able to reach your dreams. Inspiration comes in those moments when we are truly moved and called to action by an amazing feat or incredibly beautiful experience.

Make the time to have experiences that really move you emotionally. Here are a few suggestions to find inspiration.

  • Associate yourself with inspiring people
  • Read inspiring stories
  • Read inspiring quotes
  • Listen to inspiring music
  • Find an inspiring environment

By being more resilient, optimistic, and inspired in your life things will become easier to manage. You will find that you worry less and notice more opportunities to reach your goals. These three traits are habits of the mind that can offer truly valuable benefits in your ability to reach your dreams, so do what you can to begin incorporating them in your life.

Photo credit: Nina Matthews Photography