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How to Increase Creativity in Your Organization

Organizations are constantly adapting to keep pace with advancements in technology and expectations of consumers. Employees and leaders need to be ready and able to change and transform along with the organization.

The successful organization of the future will have a corporate culture that offers supportive relationships, transformational leadership, and clear processes and objectives for innovation, as well as having leaders and workers who are adept at creative problem solving and idea generation.

A creative organization will require a culture that is open to new ideas and insight, and where people are encouraged and rewarded for providing novel and groundbreaking ideas.

To build a more creative organization you need an open-minded, playful culture, trusting relationships, and a system that enables people to use their best qualities.

Here are a few suggestions to consider for building a creative organization.

A flexible open-minded culture

In order to find new and better ways of doing things it is essential to have an environment that encourages creative development and outside the box thinking.

There will come a time for every organization where simply adopting previously set standards is no longer effective, and instilling behavior that encourages innovation is the sensible decision. This means people must feel comfortable going against the grain, experimenting, and generating new ideas without criticism and judgment.

Facilitate networking

Organizations that invest in their employees’ growth and development will have an upper hand when it comes to creativity and innovation. Helping them stay fresh and current with new trends, developments, and practices will offer greater proficiency and inspiration.

This can be done by getting people connected with other forward thinking professionals who can offer a different perspective, and by provide continuing education to stimulate resourcefulness and critical thinking.

Collaborate based on unique strengths

Have a system in place where work teams can embrace diversity and use individual strengths. Help people understand how they can best contribute to the team and what they offer. This will lead to a more positive, trusting, and respectful attitude where people are willing to help each other and recognize a common goal. Set employees up to use skills that offer self-growth and intrinsic motivation in order to solve problems and generate more ideas.

Provide excitement and fun

Provide people a reason to be creative and solve problems. This may come from having a playful and fun culture, or from rewards and process to keep people motivated and engaged in what they do. This can also come from placing the right people in the right position where they are confident and passionate.

Offer variety in work to keep people mentally sharp and interested. A company like Zappos for example provides a model where company culture and values encourage a positive, fun, and zany environment, which all translates into better employee performance. Provide a model where people want to be involved and can be themselves.

Having a more positive corporate culture is about breaking down barriers of strict formality in such a way that people still have respect, loyalty, and trust, and are autonomous and uninhibited to do what they do best. People are the greatest assets companies have, so invest wisely in who is involved and how they are treated. Provide a fun, open-minded, and progressive environment, and their will be potential for greater creativity and innovation.

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How to Increase Creativity in Your Organization

Joe Wilner

Joe Wilner is a life coach, licensed clinical psychotherapist (LCP), and drummer from the band Yes You Are. He is also creator of You Have a Calling, a blog and online community helping people discover and pursue their life’s work and mission. Through deep and personalized coaching, he helps ambitious, creative, and spiritually minded individuals make a greater impact, grow as leaders, and design a soulful life they are inspired by.

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