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Archives for March, 2011


Healing and Happiness from the Past, Present, and Future

There are numerous therapeutic perspectives related to time orientation. Some follow the approach to ignore the past, and focus on the present moment and future, where as others would contend that any distress and neurosis we experience is based on unresolved conflict from the past, and must be dealt with.

I believe there is some truth and benefit to each of these philosophies, and that each time frame of the past, present, and future can impact how we think,...
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Why Approach Life with a Playful Attitude?

In the past I tended to be a naturally serious person. I was pretty rigid and wanted things done a certain way. I found people who were always joking and playing to be unauthentic and foolish. I thought to myself naively, “How could they be so carefree and lack worry about life?

Fortunately, as I grew as a person I was able see that being carefree and content isn’t about being irresponsible...
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Grow a Healthy Family Tree Through Positive Family Values

Family is such an integral part of who we are and what we become. Our family offers us needed support along every step of the way, and helps us learn how to deal with life's problems, make decisions, and interact with others.

Much of this comes from modeling and observing other family members, and learning how to think and behave around others.

Family patterns, values, and behaviors are often passed along...
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How to Increase Creativity in Your Organization

Organizations are constantly adapting to keep pace with advancements in technology and expectations of consumers. Employees and leaders need to be ready and able to change and transform along with the organization.

The successful organization of the future will have a corporate culture that offers supportive relationships, transformational leadership, and clear processes and objectives for innovation, as well as having leaders and workers who are adept at creative problem solving...
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How to Improve Psychological Well-Being

Topics such as life-satisfaction and well-being are commonly considered in positive psychology and increasingly more in the mental health field. Measures of well-being offer the chance to uncover whether people are getting their overall needs met, and provide an overall sense of how happy, healthy, and prosperous someone is.

Though, well-being is much more multidimensional than simply being just happy, healthy, or successful.

Well-being is a concept that encompasses a well-rounded,...
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Gaining Wisdom to Deal with Life’s Challenges

Who would you consider to be wise? How would you describe this person?

The person you're considering probably has knowledge about human nature, knows how to act, give advice, and handle conflict.

They are also probably peaceful, embrace the uncertainty of life, and acknowledge differences in values and cultures.

Wisdom is our knowledge, awareness, and insight about practical aspects of life, and is often considered an intelligence that comes with age and...
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Emotional Awareness

How to Overcome Negativity Bias

Negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, and anger are natural and adaptive to aid in our survival.

However there are many times when these emotions get the best of us and seem to cause more problems as opposed to enhancing survival.

The key is to distinguish between productive and counterproductive emotions. When we are experiencing overwhelming guilt and shame, or when anger is leading to resentful aggression are times when emotions get the best of us.

Negative emotions can...
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How to Use Positive Emotions to Enhance Self-Esteem

Do you believe you deserve good things? Do have self-trust and believe you're capable of achieving your goals? Our self-esteem in the overall evaluation of our self-worth compared to others, and our self-trust that we're capable of achieving goals.

Positive psychology offers insight into the emotional and affective nature of this experience and provides insight into how emotions and mood relate to self-esteem.

Emotions and mood play a role in the evaluations we...
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How to Be Your Best Every Day

Do you feel you're at your best and using your potential every day?

If you want to start using more of your potential and really thriving, begin incorporating your character strengths into what you do each day.

We all have areas of weakness and areas of great capability, though we don't always take the time to focus on what our real strengths of character are. These are the trait-like gifts, ideals, and skills that offer...
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How Positive Psychology Enhances Youth Development

There is a vast array of problems that youth of today may have to face. It can be a fast and confusing world taking place during such a crucial stage of adolescent cognitive, psychological, and social development.

Living a mentally, physically, and socially healthy life is something that is learned. Promoting positive youth development means helping youth understand what success means to them, and the characteristics and skills of a...
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