The defining moments in life are those that present us with a consequential choice to make.

Sometimes there is an easy way out, but others times, we have to make a decision despite our uncertainty and fear.

We have to be courageous and confront our doubts.

What is courage?

Courage is an emotional state defined as overcoming a threat that may be accompanied by fear, sadness, or anger.

In the general sense, courage is often glorified. We might think of having to physically risk our life to save another, or leading an effort of social change to make the world a better place.

Not everyone will be as courageous as Martin Luther King Jr. or Gandhi, but that doesn’t mean we should approach life as a passive victim to our fears and insecurities.

These notions of general courage are incredibly inspiring, but at the same time can give the impression that courage is a romanticized quality.

In a basic sense, courageous people simply finish what they start, are authentic in their values and behavior, and are willing to take on a challenge or threat.

I’m sure there has been a time when you undertook a challenge or overcame an obstacle even though you didn’t feel completely comfortable and confident.

Finding personal courage

The truth is we all have to enlist personal courage if we are to grow and persevere in life.

Courage isn’t the same for everyone. One person may need courage to reach out and make new friends. We may need to summon courage to ask our boss for a raise, or to have an important conversation with our spouse.

Courage doesn’t have to mean overcoming incredibly steep odds and stimulating a social revolution. Courage is what you find within as you tackle the ups and downs of daily life.

Stepping outside of our comfort zone isn’t easy. We have to muster up courage to take a risk and move past our personal limits. But, as you begin to do this, you will start to see the courage that resides within.

Be a warrior and lead for change

If you haven’t felt courageous lately, think about all the times you pushed past limits and persevered in the past. We have all had to overcome difficulties.

Life requires we take a warrior mentality at times. When down and out, a warrior doesn’t give in and surrender. They keep fighting the good fight until they overcome the enemy.

Often times, the enemy is our own self-imposed limits.

Every day there are opportunities to expand our potential and grow in our faith, confidence, and resilience if we remember that life requires a warrior mentality.

Start spending time with people whom you admire and who embody courage and honor. You will start to see that courage is a daily part of life.

Little by little, step outside your comfort zone and you will begin to feel more confident and courageous.

You may even start to feel a passion and burning desire to make a change.

Who knows, maybe you will be next in line to lead a revolutionary change in the world and inspire others.

Photo credit: arianne