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Archives for January, 2011


Follow the 4 “P’s” to Greater Happiness

If someone asked if you were happy, what would you say?

Most people would express being sort of happy, or at least content.

Though, even when people are content, they probably want to find greater happiness.

The problem is, most people don't know what to do to start leading a happier life.

You may have heard numerous perspectives on finding happiness, such as "you just have to choose to be happy," or "happiness comes from...
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A Positive Workplace Equals Greater Productivity

I have had plenty of “dead end" jobs in the past. Jobs where my commitment was low and I didn't have any true motivation to be there.

Have you had a similar experience?

This apathy and lack of productivity comes from having little fulfillment, feeling no control, and feeling unimportant, which can often be related to the environment one works in.

There is nothing worse for productivity, personal fulfillment, and job satisfaction than working in an...
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5 Ways to Live a More Creative Life

I used to believe that I wasn't a very creative person. I would admire people who had a visionary mind and were able to transcend conventional wisdom.
It took me awhile to recognize that I had a fixed mindset about fostering creativity, and that anyone can become more creative.

Once I developed the internal motivation to be creative, and started to spend more time with creative people, I noticed...
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How to Encourage Resilience in Children

It seems that certain people are just made to handle adversity. No matter what comes their way they find a solution and don't seem overly concerned.

Though, resilience doesn't come out of nowhere. These people learned somewhere along the way how to deal with problems and find value within life's difficulties.

Why is resilience important?

Resilience offers protective factors against mental and physical illness, providing a buffer against stress, strain,...
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How to Have a More Positive and Loving Relationship

Humans are social creatures. We have a need to belong and connect with others.

Our most intimate relationships offer us support, meaning, and love, helping us to thrive and grow as people.

Since we influence others as much they influence us, the choices we make in our relationships will highly influence how they unfold.

Below you will find ideas to help foster more compassion, love, and support...
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Emotional Awareness

How to Regulate Emotions and Feel Better

We all have times when emotions get the best of us. We may have an angry outburst or be overcome with anxiety.

Though, by gaining self-awareness about how we feel and learning to regulate emotions, we can start to experience more positive emotions and elevate our mood.

Just as anger, sadness, and fear have a trigger, so to do positive emotions such as joy, passion, and love.

You can...
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Want More Hope? Start Accomplishing Goals

The concept of hope and setting goals go hand-in-hand.

Our level of hope impacts the type of goals we set and how many goals we are working toward.

Likewise, the accomplishment of goals tends to increase hopeful feelings.

Think of a time when things were going well and you had achieved some important goals.

How did you feel about your future? The sky was probably the limit.

On the other hand,...
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Positive Psychology

Want to Know More About Positive Psychology and Happiness?

For many years psychology has focused on illness, taking a perspective of alleviating sickness as opposed to helping people reach their true potential and optimal level of functioning.

As Sigmund Freud has been quoted saying:

“I have found little that is ‘good’ about human beings on the whole. In my experience most of them are trash.”

I don't know your perspective or attitude toward people and society,...
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