ADHD and Driving Distracted

When you have a car full of distractions and ADHD, it's best to limit your focus to stay safe. Kids in the back, food to eat in the front, phone buzzing, radio blaring, dog on my lap, terrible tailgating driver following us—this sounds like a...


Bummed Out with ADHD

How many times can I go up the stairs without remembering to grab the laundry basket I need to empty the clothes from the dryer? I see something else every time I get up stairs that distracts me. An empty glass that ought to go in the dishwasher, hungry goldfish need feeding, and the kids' unmade beds beckon me away from that basket.

Under all this distraction lays thoughts of my youngest child who I'm in...


Does ADHD Reduce Goal Achievement?

The older I become the less enticed I am by change. It used to be I'd beg for it, want the upheaval and drama of moving to a new home, driving a new car or starting a new job. But now I am much less likely to make a leap without the passing of time, research and a list of the possible negative outcomes of the decision.

At some point I realised this kind of life altering havoc is hard...

Coping Skills

Keeping Positive when Life Disappoints for ADHD

Always have lists full of goals. Far away longer term goals, short term goals and always put them on lists. When life knocks you off kilter, there is another short term goal waiting on the list to move on with. This method will help to keep you focused on the long term goals.

It is perfectly okay to change your mind and draw a new path, but for many people with ADHD this happens too often and can cause burned bridges, crumbling...


Blinders and Blockers for Natural ADHD Focus

Focus doesn't come easy to those with ADHD. You know those ads that line the sides of your social media feed, most of the websites you visit and probably along the edge of this blog? Some people use ad blocking plug-ins to stop them from popping up or from appearing. What if ADHD sufferers could block the distracting things that pop up from things we need to do and places we visit? As an ADHD suffering...


Working as a Team to Reduce ADHD Stressors

Jimmy acts as my navigator, it's a task he's always enjoyed. Since he got his first iPhone last week he has gained access to Maps, Google Chrome and other helpful apps and tools he uses to make our trips more efficient. One day we were out on Deer Isle, a large island off the coast of Maine with a long curved bridge connecting it to the mainland.

Our Maps app wouldn't work, so Jimmy used a...


Take Notes to Calm ADHD Overthinking

For some reason, I tend to overwhelm myself when I'm driving. I think of things while I'm in the car that I need to do, but can't do because I'm driving. I have three kids, two of them are pre-teens and one is a toddler. When we go for a car ride, even to the grocery store in town only a few moments away I have one of the older children be my...


Talking on the Phone with ADHD

Sometimes my mind wanders while I talk on the phone. It's not just long calls, or boring ones. I'm just not good at keeping a good pace with the person on the other end. Suddenly I think of all these things I could be, and should be, doing other than being tied to a phone call. I try to stick with it and my lack of interest is often rooted out when...