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Little Steps to Structure: An ADHD Home

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Coffee is my savior. I enjoy it so much that I decided to begin my long path to creating structure around it’s aromatic awesomeness. I hate doing things the same. It’s boring. But I do like my coffee to be the same consistently. I used to mess my morning cup of coffee up a lot. It would have too much ground coffee and be fit for a cowboy, too much cream, not enough sugar, or I’d pour too much water in and make it weak.

measuring cup photoNow, you must understand, I’ve tried elaborate plans to fix my inability to be consistent. These plans fail. I tried writing one page in a journal everyday and made it three days. I’ve tried to have the same thing for breakfast for a week only to have an aversion to yogurt with granola for a month after. Even simply doing laundry after lunch was too much. In the end I can’t do it. It’s boring to do things the same.

So I have a new coffee maker. I have taken a liking to it and gotten the perfect coffee down to a literal science. I pour spring water to meet the 2.5 cup water line. My mother gave me a big industrial grinder last year that I found last week while looking for my ski pants in storage. I’m using the same grinder setting to get an extra fine ground coffee for my whole beans. After they are perfectly ground they are put in an old peanut butter jar and set on the counter. To ensure my beans are the same I’ve subscribed to them on Amazon Prime and they will arrive the same time each month.

The grinder came with a tiny scoop that I use to measure exactly two scoops that I use the coffee jar’s top to level off. The fresh grounds are nesting in the center of a plastic fine mesh filter and flattened with the back of the scoop. On the nested grounds I place the tiniest pinch of salt right in the center. I flip it on and trudge through the snow to the outhouse. When I’m back indoors I set my double walled travel mug on the counter. In it I pour exactly 3 teaspoons of sugar and 1/8 a cup of heavy whipping cream. I use the cream scoop to mix the coffee as I pour it in. The cover is set on top immediately to reduce heat loss.measuring cup photo

I loathe doing this the same each day. It involves putting everything where it belongs so it can all be found when I’m groggy. It takes longer than guessing. I have to pay attention in a way that bring me to the absolute present. No daydreaming or thinking of the next five tasks. What did I find out? Mindful coffee making means really, really good coffee.

This has gone on for a full month and I am planning my next structure step. Showering in the morning before 9 AM to reduce the dreaded “pajama lag”. The longer I stay in my pajamas the longer it takes me to get rolling with my day. Finish coffee and shower before going out to check on my poultry flock. Once I get a few of these under my belt I’ll begin starting one at a time with my middle child to help his ADHD riddled mindfulness.

Little Steps to Structure: An ADHD Home

Amanda Emerson-Pelletier

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