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Keeping Stress Low for ADHD Moms

laundry photoTrying my darndest to be supermom with ADHD and raising an ADHD kid is pure chaos. Families with multiple children often have two ADHD kids in the same home, but add a mom in there and it can cause some serious disorganized mayhem. My son and I both battle against ADHD everyday—our arch nemesis.

Some days are better than others. To do our best to stay on task, find peace and get things done on time we use organizational tools and a lot of humor. Beyond laughing at ourselves and each other, we make sure to fit in down time for us separately and together. The boys will go off while mom has a movie break or each of us will get one hour to ourselves to read in one day.
If I put the laundry in the washer, forget to shut the lid and leave the dryer open full of wet clothes because the phone rang—I point it out. One common chore done day after day becomes so common that I’ll forget it half done if I get distracted. We laugh and help each other. If I get super busy when I notice, our toddler will happily grab his stool, shut the washer and hit the “go” button on the dryer.

Stopping to laugh instead of getting frustrated is the key for my clan’s happiness. When I can’t laugh, the stakes might be too high, or several stressors might have built up. I try breathing deep, stepping away or thinking how it can be better.

laundry photoWe might be running late for an appointment. Once the toddler the five scoops of laundry flakes into the washer and I had to clean the same load half a down times over. The laundry piled up for three days. Sometimes I burn dinner. Other days the dog jumps on the bed in hot pursuit of the cat before the bed’s made—both with muddied paws. These things can pile up and cause a stress overload.

batmomThis Christmas, my son James gave me a Batman mask. My husband thought it was a very odd gift when he picked it out. They wrapped it up with a big bag of my favorite coffee so I wouldn’t guess it. I opened it and crooned with delight. Now I could really be batmom. There is a batdad who has videos on YouTube. I enjoy and mimic this routine when I’m stressed.

When I feel like I’m going supernova—I got batty instead. I “holler” at the kids in the deepest, horse tone I can muster while wearing the mask. It’s hard not to smile.

Keeping Stress Low for ADHD Moms

Amanda Emerson-Pelletier

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