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Archives for November, 2016


Trauma and ADHD: How Are They Related?

Trauma and drama follow me around and ADHD seems to draw off thier negative impact on my daily life. I recently found out that ADHD can be directly correlated with my past history of traumatic experiences and is thought to be mistaken for the other. When I heard this I looked it up on my iPhone and found several articles about this newly studied linkage.

I'm very good at denial. Mental illness is...
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Overwhelmed with ADHD: “Racing Mind” Reduction

Deadlines for work have not only drawn close, most of them went by days ago. Emails have built up and been flagged for importance leaving 44 red flags await my immediate response. Voicemails filled my mailbox until it would not accept any more. My computer stayed quiet in my green pack next to my phone, both turned off for days. This is incredibly unlike me and people are worried.

My grandmother passed last weekend and I'd spent a week...
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Dinner is Always Late in Our ADHD Home

Sometimes I make an extravagant pasta sauce from scratch and forget to boil the pasta. Other days I make enough for an Army and have leftovers for a week. No matter the meal, it's generally late but delicious.

I have fall back plans for when I forget to thaw a package of deer steaks or had a mixed up day.

Make frozen dinners ahead that are simple to stick in the oven.
Cook twice as...
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Coping Skills

Winter Planning for ADHD Homesteads

My son's and my own ADHD has become a major factor in misorganized life on a busy homestead. Staying on track and keeping everything together is hard for me. It doesn't help matters that we work odd schedules with seasonal busy spells. Maine's long winters are known for unpredictable weather that can drop an inch of freezing rain or a foot of snow at random. I could plan for a long...
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