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Archives for September, 2016

Coping Skills

Keeping Positive when Life Disappoints for ADHD

Always have lists full of goals. Far away longer term goals, short term goals and always put them on lists. When life knocks you off kilter, there is another short term goal waiting on the list to move on with. This method will help to keep you focused on the long term goals.

It is perfectly okay to change your mind and draw a new path, but for many people with ADHD this happens too often and can cause burned bridges, crumbling...
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Blinders and Blockers for Natural ADHD Focus

Focus doesn't come easy to those with ADHD. You know those ads that line the sides of your social media feed, most of the websites you visit and probably along the edge of this blog? Some people use ad blocking plug-ins to stop them from popping up or from appearing. What if ADHD sufferers could block the distracting things that pop up from things we need to do and places we visit? As an ADHD suffering...
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