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Archives for April, 2016


ADHD Allows for Time Travel

Sometimes I get lost in odd ways. Time becomes fluid at night in my new home. My mind wanders at times when it should be resting. It visits various important things that must be done, calculates deadlines and totals up bills. Sleep becomes impossible. There are no lights outside other than the moon and I hate the red glare of an alarm clock. Darkness is my friend now that the sounds of our new home have become more normal....
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Living with ADHD

Motivational Drive with ADHD

As an adult I can have days where I can't seem to get anything done. Sure the dishes can sit a day and it won't hurt the floor to have an extra day of dirt laying on it, but it feels good to get things done and stay on top of chores. Sometimes I'm simply too tired or just plain lazy feeling to get motivated to begin a boring chore when I could be...
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Coping Skills

Making Friends and Fitting in with ADHD

My son, Jimmy, is in the fifth grade. He is outgoing, active and thoughtful. But he often lacks the ability to stay on track with conversations or to ask others about things they like to talk about. He talks endlessly in the small areas of interest that he knows well but does little to look for ways to invite others into his life through trying new things or asking other kids what they like to...
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