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Archives for February, 2016


A Little Help Here: ADHD Adult Diagnosis

Life is full and busy in our home and I can end up losing track and falling behind if I’m not careful. With all of this ruckus in my life I had decided a few weeks ago to seek treatment for my ADHD struggles and went to my doctor.

My doctor got me right in the same week I called. She said it definitely sounded like I could benefit from medication and some mindfulness techniques.

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Coping Skills

Forgetfulness and Midnight Eurekas

I rely on coffee to give me a morning boost, like 54% of Americans. It is my daily Zen. When I settle down to work at my computer a cup of the caffeine based stimulant comes along to boost my concentration.

Our nights are filled with interruptions. My husband is up to feed the hungry woodstove every few hours all winter. The cats and dogs make sounds disrupting my light maternal slumber. Coyotes howling, roosters crowing and even flocks of migrating geese wake...
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