Coping Skills

Keeping Stress Low for ADHD Moms

Trying my darndest to be supermom with ADHD and raising an ADHD kid is pure chaos. Families with multiple children often have two ADHD kids in the same home, but add a mom in there and it can cause some serious disorganized mayhem. My son and I both battle against ADHD everyday—our arch nemesis.

Some days are better than others. To do our best to stay on task, find peace and get things done on time we use...


Little Steps to Structure: An ADHD Home

Coffee is my savior. I enjoy it so much that I decided to begin my long path to creating structure around it's aromatic awesomeness. I hate doing things the same. It's boring. But I do like my coffee to be the same consistently. I used to mess my morning cup of coffee up a lot. It would have too much ground coffee and be fit for a cowboy, too much cream, not enough sugar, or I'd...

Coping Skills

ADHD and Depression: An Odd Couple

Slowly moping about the house whilst still misplacing everything I touch—that's the odd couple at work; ADHD and depression.

Everything I do seems to be in slow motion and through a dense fog that only I can see. My arm is heavy scooping up the laundry soap and there is no pep in my step moving between the dryer and the washer. The bed takes twice as long to make and the pillows look...


More Than ADHD: The Bigger Picture

The past year of my life has been especially rickety. I've been coasting through one moody spell to another in a boat with no rudder. Each shift in mood is like a massive wave that shoves me in another direction. Change is an addiction. New clothes transform me into a powerful career woman from a seasoned backwoods gal who tends poultry deep in the woods. Some days I'll do the dishes in heels...

Living with ADHD

Impatience and ADHD Parenting

Impatience is a key factor in ADHD life especially when you toss in the needs of three kids. Some days I'm appriciate of all that I have and smile at my children with supreme adoration—those days are rare. Most days I spend chasing them around and attempting to clean up one mess before they make another. I set rules that they hastily break or bend as far as they can. We barter for "screen time"...

Coping Skills

Wash Your Hair in the Shower!

My son, Jimmy, can't remember to wash his hair when he gets in the shower. Showering with ADHD can be hard. He doesn't use a towel to dry his hair either. He'll walk out of the washroom with his pajamas on and his hair sopping wet, dripping onto his fresh dry clothes.

I'll ask if he washed his hair or if he just got it wet and I'll get a look. He takes a while to...

Living with ADHD

Get Outside and Keep Active

I love my ducks, turkeys and chickens—but, I don't always want to go outside when it's 16° f and barely light out to feed them each morning. Once I'm out there I feel better and enjoy my time in the coop and in their yard. When greeting them each morning I gobble at the turkeys. The toms gobble back, the rooster follows with a crow, the ducks quack and mutter, and the hens all...

Living with ADHD

ADHD Meds and Job Drug Tests

It's bean a long time since I've applied for a position which required a drug test for employment. Until now I hadn't realized that was yet another perk of freelancing and self employment. According to Drug Tests in Bulk, certain ADHD medications may trigger a positive result on drug tests. Unfortunately, it can be hard to know if you will be tested as testing is on the rise and many employers choose not to...


Change of Place and Pace: Keeping ADHD at Bay

Moving is hell and so is ADHD and trying to pack. At least this time I put similar things in boxes together and even went so far as labeling them. A week after I packed I got a call from my landlord that I'd left a cabinet full of spices there. With a three hour round trip and no other reason to visit, I asked her if she needed any spices. She was...


Setting Boundaries with Mental Illness

Mental illness—there I put it out there on the very first sentence of this post. I can't say it out loud yet, my voice turns to a croak and my ears feel hot if I try. I'm embarrassed to admit that I, Amanda Jo Pelletier, have a mental illness. There are those in my family that call me weak for admitting it, and even weaker for seeking treatment. Others just can't see it or...