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Anxiety Society: Dealing With Emotional Abuse

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  1. This is very interesting. It definitely has encouraged me to consider making more time for meditation whethere it is the type identified here or mindfulness. Getting more positivity in my “mental diet” can go a long way. I like Dan Tong’s suggestion of utilizing mediation with neutral emotions (or no emotions) to evaluation the difference.

  2. So sorry about that Jess!

  3. Hi dear Sveta,
    My heart breaks when I read what happened to you.
    I am not blind, so I cannot relate to the additional pain of being abused while disabled.
    However, I came to find out, many years after blaming myself for my biological mother’s lack of interest in my life, for her coldness toward me in contrast to her unconditional love of my brother, etc. that it was not my fault that she could not or had chosen not to accept me unconditionally like she did with my only sibling. Today, after many years of therapy,(which I started later in life but I will never stop)after having found “family” among the many friends I made through my childhood and among my other relatives (all of whom I instinctively sought since I was little because I felt so unloved and unwanted at home) and after meeting my wonderful husband, to whom I have been married for 20 years, I can tell you, Sveta that you too can and will survive the terrible loss of being born to people who do not deserve you. Please focus in your qualities, pursue your passion, find purpose in your young life and give people a chance. Yes, a lot of them will disappoint you. But you will also experience the unconditional love that you were denied by the two people who should have been there for you until the day they die. All my love and support. And always remember, you are not alone and, above all, if you nurture empathy and compassion you will be able to help others who will make you say: “There for the grace of God go I.”

  4. Sounds a lot like my childhood only I’m not blind, I was however molested by an uncle (everybody called the 4 year old me a liar and never listened to a single thing iv said since) and whatched the murder of my brother at 2 years of age. I never spoke to people- even to this day I cannot find a connection to society other than we are all human. My mother would pay me after she abused me, I would then spend most off what she gave me (usually I got $10-$15) on bread and milk for breakfast and lunches because I knew even as a primary school child that my family had no money. My mother tells me regularly how she hates me always has hated me and how I make her sick and I make her want to die. She actually tried to kill herself once, I had to stop her when I was 7. Nobody from my family talks to me unless I have something they want, I now live over 20,000 km away.
    The worst pain in life comes from the ones we love, especially when they don’t love us.

  5. To me her account is more one of physical abuse than emotional abuse. Of course where there is physical abuse there is also emotional abuse, and that is what affects the victim the most. When there is both though, I think the situation should be described as physical abuse, because the abuse is more obvious and thus involves different complications to that of (only) emotional abuse. I don’t mean to be spitting hairs though – abuse of any kind is horrific – its just about what the article led me to expect.

  6. So sorry for this girl! Please can someone tell me about PTSD? Dont know what it is.

  7. It sounds like Sveta had a terrible childhood, I honestly don’t know what to say.
    I’m a 20-year-old blind person as well, and I ALSO thank her for being brave enough to speak up.
    I myself have experienced mild anxiety in the past though I now try staying positive whenever I can.
    Still, I know depression exists and I do my best to not get angry at people with it, including Sveta.

    I know that God can and probably will cure Sveta and make her a new person, he always works miracles. I also wish her luck as well, just in general. Same goes to the blog writer as well, and anyone reading this!
    All the best,

    • Why would you be angry at someone with depression? It’s an illness like any other. Are you angry with cancer patients? Depression requires medical and therapeutic treatment. Its a chemical imbalance in the brain. Most people can’t just get out of the hell on their own. I’m sorry, but your comment makes ME angry.

  8. Oh, my goodness. Bless this girl!

  9. Thanks to Sveta for being brave enough to speak out about PTSD


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