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Sloppy And Scattered: This Is Your Brain On Grief

Ever since my dad passed away three months ago, my brain has been busy. Busy, cluttered, and disorganized.

I've felt so mentally disorganized, in fact, that I've had a difficult time writing. (This probably isn't news to any of my regular readers who have noticed the lack of blog posts lately.)

I have about seven half-written blog posts in my "drafts" folder that ' the cut.

They're sloppy. They're scattered.

And I,...
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Join Us! Blog About Mental Health on Wednesday

On May 16th, the American Psychological Association is hosting this year's Mental Health Month Blog Party.

Pssst -- that's tomorrow! (Or today, depending on what time you stumbled upon this post.)

Anyone with a blog can join. Here are the details:
Join us on Wednesday, May 16, and publish a post on your blog about mental health’s importance, how we can diminish...
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