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New To Meditation? Try These Tiny Stepping Stones From Headspace

While I've played around with meditation before, I never really held myself to its committed practice. I'd get excited about it for a few days, cozying up with Meditation Oasis podcasts after dinner, but then I'd drop the habit out of boredom or inattention. Or both.

But for the past ten days, I've been using a meditation app called Headspace to get me meditating more habitually....
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Why Didn’t I Panic During the Earthquake?

So, you're probably tired of hearing the word "earthquake" by now.
Well, me too.  But this is an anxiety blog, and Tuesday's earthquake undoubtedly shook our collective nerves, so bypassing the topic completely would be a seismic error. (Oh, and please don't find fault in my shaky puns.)
Ahem.  Okay, enough of that.
So, where were you when it happened? ...
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