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Can You Draw A Panic Attack?

I've said it before: ideally, it's best to be there, Ram Dass-style, when you're experiencing a panic attack. That's how you'll learn to accept and overcome those uncomfortable sensations.

Of course, getting to that point can be difficult -- very difficult, in fact. While I'm a huge advocate of cognitive behavioral therapy, I have to admit this -- I've done CBT with five different therapists now, all with slightly different ways of approaching panic and anxiety.

I've definitely seen some improvements, but I still panic....
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6 Ways to Distract Yourself From Panic

Let's face it: in the throes of panic, it's not always comfortable to mindfully meditate on the present moment.  Focusing on your pounding heart or on your irregular breathing patterns can fan the the panic attack flames.

Over time, you can work to desensitize yourself to the uncomfortable physiological sensations of panic. But, in the meantime, here are a few ways to distract yourself out of a panic attack.

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