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6 Ways to Reconnect With the Warming Earth

I am typing this blog post outside on my deck. The temperature? 74 degrees. The scenery? A backyard tree that's bursting with baby leaves, a just-about-to-flower rhododendron bush in a terra cotta pot, and a cloudless and sunny sky that's got me smiling.

The sounds? Wind chimes, a few birds, and some kids yelling and playing soccer down the street.

It is unmistakeably...
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Brain: Was That a Touch or a Metaphor?

Today was a drag.

I'm all wound up.

My brain is mush.

Meet the metaphor: a literary technique that allows us to represent not-so-tangible things (like the feeling of a tired, overworked brain) with tangible things (like "mush").

They help us to understand complex topics. To draw an example from George Lakoff and Mark Johnson's book Metaphors We Live By, argument is war.

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