This Soothing Video Of Baby's First Bath Will Calm Your NervesIt’s the end of a long week, isn’t it?

This week’s rap sheet includes sub-zero temperatures, frozen pipes, and a dead car battery.

Dearest polar vortex: you’re drunk. Go home.

But I’m not here to grumble about winter any longer — well, not in this blog post, at least — because this week, I found one of the most beautiful and therapeutic videos I’ve ever seen.


I should probably remind you that I want to make a baby. Like, soon. Soon soon. The only roadblock? Getting my anxiety meds straight first, and learning to function day-to-day without benzos. But that’s for another post.

Anyway, I’m in a very baby-wanting mood, so…you can easily see why this video made me cry — in a good way, of course — right?

Make sure you’re got volume because the music is beautifully sedating as well:

This is one of the most calming videos I’ve watched in a long time. The level of care and attention that woman provides to that tiny, helpless, brand-new human? Oh gosh; it gives me the cutesies.

And the way the baby falls asleep while bathing!


Can you remember the last time you were sad or upset? (This is a mental health blog; if you’re reading, of course you can.) Maybe you laid down after a difficult day. And maybe, just maybe, you curled up into a little comforting ball, unknowingly re-creating your original position in the womb.

I love how the nurse here does everything she possibly can to re-create the womb experience for baby — gently floating him, allowing him (carefully) to almost fully submerge, and then immediately wrapping him up for the ultimate cozies.

And notice how serene this baby is during each step of bathtime. I want to take some of that serenity with me into my weekend, and I hope you can too!

(Hat tip to Elephant Journal for gifting me with this meditative reprieve from the bitter cold.)