Enter To Win A Free Copy Of 'ADHD According to Zoë'Yesterday, I blabbed on and on about my penchant for forgetting important appointments, feeling too distracted to do my work, and losing important stuff around the house (like my keys).

I don’t have an ADHD diagnosis, but I like to joke that I might as well have one. That’s why I’ve been reading so much about it lately. Even if I don’t have the disorder officially, why not use ADHD treatment techniques to try and improve my life?

That’s the thought that ultimately got me reading Zoë Kessler’s new book, ADHD According to Zoë. From yesterday’s post:

“Now, I can’t really give you a full review because I’m only about halfway through. Still, I can tell you this much: each chapter presents a super-friendly balance of personal storytelling, relevant research, and practical advice for handling everything from money to job interviews to friendships with less impulsivity and greater mindfulness. Even the short chapters are further broken down into ultra-digestible sections (of only a few paragraphs apiece – at the most!)

If you’ve got an ADHD diagnosis – one with a heavy emphasis on the “H” in particular – you’ll find yourself in a comforting kinship with the author.”

But don’t just take my word for it. From Kay Marner:

“Each of the book’s 17 chapters chronicles an ADHD-related way of being, such as ‘being diagnosed,’ ‘being impulsive,’ and ‘being unconventional.’ In each chapter, Kessler gives a highly personal, often funny, sometimes heartbreaking account of her experience living with that particular ADHD-related trait…Kessler’s work exhibits a seldom-seen degree of honesty and intimacy.”


Want a copy for free?

I’ve got an extra one that’s looking for a good home. (Even if that home is a bit cluttered and disorganized like mine.)
Enter to win by leaving a comment on this blog post. Tell me how distraction and inattention play a part in your life – whether you have ADHD, an anxiety disorder, or none of the above.

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For more information about the book, check out Zoë Kessler’s Facebook page here, or watch her recent interview on Global Toronto’s “The Morning Show” below: