I Want a Panic-Free Wedding, Not a Tarnished One(Note: this is the third post in a short three-part series about my upcoming nuptials.)

Not exactly the best talent to brag about, eh? Sigh. At least I recognize it for what it is. I guess that’s the first step toward undoing this bad habit…but, admittedly, I’ve been stuck on this first step for quite a long time now:

The first step to dealing with Catastrophizing is to recognize when you’re doing it. The sooner you do this, the quicker you’ll be able to start focusing on stopping it. It may be helpful to start recording your negative thoughts to yourself on a pad of paper or little journal (or your PDA or such) that you carry with you at all times. [Source]

Or recording them on my blog…an entire laundry list of them, all related to my wedding, all related to a single day in time!

So, here I am, trying to both acknowledge the above Things That Can Go Wrong and transform them into Things That Can-But-Probably-Won’t Go Wrong…but my mind isn’t having it.

Maybe this is where I just need to let go. Just let go of my thoughts. All of them. All of my worries. All of everything.

A wise friend once wrote (er, posted on Facebook) the following gem of a statement in response to a happy turn of events in her life: “This is too good to tarnish with worry and anxiety.”

I keep repeating that phrase in my head this week. Right after she originally posted it to Facebook, I hand-wrote it on a slip on paper and tacked it to the bulletin board above on my desk in my home office — the desk I’m sitting at this very moment.

This — this wedding, this amazing man that I’m so incredibly lucky to have, this whole thing — this is too good to tarnish with worry and anxiety.

This is too good. Too good.

Creative Commons License photo credit: DanBaxter