Do You Define Your Self-Worth Through Your Job?

It wore me down. All of it. The dismal cubical, the endless phone calls from angry customers, and the road rage. The poor office morale, the traffic congestion, and the constant uncertainty looming over my and my co-workers' heads about layoffs. I began that job as a whole person. And I left as an empty, shaky, panic-prone shell.

Are You Afraid of Throwing Up?

Sure, vomiting is unpleasant. I don't know a single soul who looks forward to getting the stomach virus, but most of my friends and family members can puke, if needed, with a staggeringly positive attitude and a calm demeanor. Why can't I? Why am I so afraid of it?

7 Ways to Slow Down Before Bedtime

Our fast-paced daytime lifestyle often bleeds over into the evening hours without our consent or mindful attention. Once you become aware of how you stimulate your body and mind before bed, you can take conscious steps to reduce that behavior.