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Archives for October, 2011


My Fears and Anxieties from A to Z: Part II

Yesterday, I presented a list of my fears from A through M. Many different types of fears made the list -- from the more serious (like anxiety itself) to the more whimsical (like joke-telling).

Now, here are the rest of my alphabetical anxieties:

14. Nausea. It's unpleasant and (unfortunately) quite common for those of us with anxiety disorders. Yuck.

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Mental Health Day: Are You Aware of Awareness?

I'll be honest: I sort of hate the word "awareness".

It's a popular buzzword these days.  There are awareness bracelets.  Awareness magnets for your car.  Awareness bumper stickers.  Awareness ribbons.

Thanks to all this memorabilia, we're so aware of so many diseases and injustices.  (And honestly, I can't pass that Lupus Awareness billboard on I-476 in eastern PA without thinking...
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