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Archives for August, 2011


Why Didn’t I Panic During the Earthquake?

So, you're probably tired of hearing the word "earthquake" by now.
Well, me too.  But this is an anxiety blog, and Tuesday's earthquake undoubtedly shook our collective nerves, so bypassing the topic completely would be a seismic error. (Oh, and please don't find fault in my shaky puns.)
Ahem.  Okay, enough of that.
So, where were you when it happened? ...
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The Day My General Practitioner Prescribed Paxil

I found myself reading this news story the other day and furiously nodding my head during the intro: "Nearly 80 percent of all prescriptions for antidepressants are written by non-psychiatrist providers."
Me! That's me; I got my first Paxil script from a general practitioner. I fall within that category. My Paxil prescription was part of that 80%.
And I didn't really know what...
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On Tapering: Why Paxil is Like a Bank Loan

Note: On Friday, Longshot Magazine gave potential contributors 24 hours to write about debt. Financial debt, social debt, genetic debt -- anything. [Then, their team edits, paginates, and prints an actual physical magazine by the 48-hour mark!]
So, I wrote about debt and Paxil.  My piece wasn't selected for publication into the magazine, but...
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