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Archives for June, 2011


The Roots of My Dental Anxiety

When I was 6 years old, I slapped my dentist.

Yes. Seriously.

He'd found a cavity in one of my baby teeth.  At age 6, I didn't fully understand the mechanics of getting a filling -- but I did know that cavities resulted in loud and scary drilling sounds.

So, I was nervous.

My mom sat nearby as the hygienist reclined the child-sized dental chair.  I was whining and whimpering.  Most of...
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6 Ways to Distract Yourself From Panic

Let's face it: in the throes of panic, it's not always comfortable to mindfully meditate on the present moment.  Focusing on your pounding heart or on your irregular breathing patterns can fan the the panic attack flames.

Over time, you can work to desensitize yourself to the uncomfortable physiological sensations of panic. But, in the meantime, here are a few ways to distract yourself out of a panic attack.

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The Anxiety Lens: How Context Changes Meaning

Has anyone ever called you a jerk?

Go ahead.  Raise your hand.  Being called a jerk is not always a bad thing.  The word "jerk" doesn't always have to mean a "contemptibly obnoxious person", as Google's dictionary so concisely phrases it.

Consider the below conversation:
Roommate 1: Have you seen my Calculus book?  I have a final exam tomorrow.  I need to study.
Roommate 2: ...
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Do You Panic About Anxiety? (I Do.)

Yup, it's true: Panic About Anxiety.  That's the (somewhat self-referential) title of this new blog.  Anxiety, on its own, is bad enough.  Panic is even worse.
But what happens when one amplifies the other?
What happens when you become anxious about the fact that you have panic attacks?  What happens when you begin to panic about the fact that...
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