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Love or Attachment: Which Is It?

My parrot, Pearl, is very fond of fond. The moment a fresh sprig is presented, he leaps on it and starts chomping until all that remains is the dried-out stalk. I think it is safe to say this is an example of "attachment" rather than love!"Is it attachment or is it...
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Today I Love The Furtive Fog

Comfortable soundsToday I love the furtive fog as it swirls in sworls and drifts shiftily across yards and streets like a singular group of vigilantes on their way to a meeting to discuss foul deeds to back up misguided, self-righteous intentions. I love the way it drifts around objects, like it's...
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The Communication Problem

Communication ProblemsI have a problem communicating. Actually, I have problems communicating. Plural problems.And ADHD is behind them. Or at least my ADHD makes them worse.And that means to be a good communicator, I need to guard myself, find coping mechanisms, put them in place and keep them there.And the problems start...
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Coping Strategies

The Children Speak – #NeverAgain

As a therapist I read threads on how to speak to your children about the FL school shooting.I can't hear it.I am paralyzed.All I can do is post stupid memes on FB that do nothing. I can't find the words professionally or personally for myself, let alone my children, or any children...
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coping skills

Trusting Others

When you are an emotionally sensitive person, it's important who you have in your life. When you have intense feelings and are easily hurt, harsh people can be difficult for you to be around. When you've had difficult experiences with others you may struggle to trust your judgment and decide to not get close to others....
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