Sociopaths: 6 Potentially Dangerous Behaviors

Do you know someone who fits the description of a sociopath?Do you know someone who fits the description of a "sociopathic narcissist?"If so, you certainly aren't alone. There is a plethora of articles, videos, and blog posts on this topic. So you may be asking "why are we talking about this again?"It is important...


It’s Time To Heal The Mother Wound: This Comes First

From my psychotherapy couch, I see your face fall and an unbearable sadness comes over you. Your heart is breaking in two. The child in you is facing an unbearable loss. The love you want so very much to feel from your mother just isn't going to be. Wishing it weren't true, you have been hiding this from...


Global Impacts of Rising Levels of Inactivity

Lack of physical activity is on the rise, particularly in affluent countries, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In a recent study, the organization estimates that more than a quarter of the planet’s population is not getting enough physical exercise.Wealthier countries appear to be most affected, primarily as a result of a significant increase in,...


Vaping: A Viable Way to Quit Smoking?

A friend of mine has been trying to quit smoking for some time now. He’s attempted going cold turkey (he found this very stressful, as did whoever was sharing his space at the time!), then tried a more gradual reduction, but always found himself back up to his customary habit within a short period of time....


Little Tin Gods

"For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation,...


Passive Aggressive Behavior Takes Us Down

Linda: It drove Sandy nuts when Robert repatedly came home from work late.She asked him respectfully to call her if he would be later than expected so that she wouldn’t worry. Robert would agree that her request was reasonable, and yet continued to break his agreement.When Sandy confronted him repeatedly about not holding up his end, he...


Today I Love “Not Enough”

It's Bob O'clock #808gooddeedsToday I love "not enough" because when I feel like there is not enough of something it reminds me of the things I love. I love that there was not enough of Bob Wallace  to go around and so we cling to his memory and celebrate the things that...


Notice What It Feels Like to Be Alive Today

During a recent camping adventure, I was able to tube down a gorgeous spring-fed river. This photo perfectly captures what it felt like to be alive in my body and in my spirit on that physical being suspended gently in the buoyant clear blue water that connected me so effortlessly to all...

Mental Health

Top Signs of Unhealed Trauma, Part 2

“The psychological distress symptoms of traumatized people simultaneously call attention to the existence of an unspeakable secret and deflect attention from it.”In this quote from Trauma and Recovery, trauma expert Judith Herman...


10% of US Children Have ADHD

The number of children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has mushroomed to 10 percent of American children, which represents a significant increase over the past 20 years, according to a recent study. America has led the world in reported cases of ADHD, which has caused many experts to wonder whether there are more...


Paradocks, The Cottage

The one and only ...We bought a cottage.I'm not bragging. Okay, yeah, I'm bragging a little bit. But I'm also really just wanting to share my good news.We bought the place exactly one year and two weeks ago. It wasn't cheap, but we had two houses and we sold one of them...

- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

Mind Doesn’t Matter Stings

Okay, I'm walking into the woods heading to about 30 beehives and before I do I have to get mentally ready. Keep Calm and Breathe Even started my own mantra - "I'm one with...

- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

Mind Over Matter Stings

A friend of mine has Honey Bees.  Well, he has more than bees.  He's a real beekeeper and has a fair amount of beehives.  A few times he's invited me to come by the...


More Than Just a Dream: The Science Behind Nightmares

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to share a dream with someone or jump into someone else’s dream? I think about this when I’m lying awake at night wondering if I’m the only crazy person who has dreams that play out like a Nightmare on Elm Street movie. I’d love the option...


What Could Have Been

"A very Merry Christmas, And a happy new year, Let's hope it's a good one, Without any fear, War is over, if you want it, War is over now" John Winston Lennon / Yoko OnoWhenever somebody dies young and tragically we think about what could have been. 


Today I Love The Race

The passing vistas in the day's race ...Today I love the race we engage in every day, the race to get things done, the race to get here or there, the race to grow up, and the race to find love. I love that I am racing to...


When Was The Last Time You Played?

Play is pleasurable, fun and joyful.When we really play, we stop paying attention to ourselves. That is, we don't think about whether we look silly or awkward. We're too busy and too engrossed in the process of play to even notice or care.


What Stories Are You Telling Yourself?

Inside of each of us is a stack of books filled with tales, tragedies, comedies and everything in between---most of which we've written. We're constantly spinning stories about who we are, what we deserve, what we need, what we are capable of (or not capable of).