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Today I Love Still Being Alive

Coffee to goToday I love still being alive in all the ways one can be alive. I love being spirited if not spiritful. I love being full of life, spry, zestful. I love being cognizant of my life, alert to it, eager for it, bustling with determined activity....
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Mental Health

A Greater Cause

"Oh but ain't that America, for you and me, Ain't that America, we're something to see baby, Ain't that America, home of the free, yeah, Little pink houses for you and me, oh...
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Conflict Resolution

Chappaquiddick: An Epic Tragedy

In the new movie, Chappaquiddick, directed by John Curren, written by Taylor Allen and Andrew Logan and starring Jason Clarke as Ted Kennedy, we have an old-fashioned tragic drama of the kind that has been missing from the American cinema scene for years.In particular, what has been missing from the...
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Career Strategy

Screenwriter’s Mindset: Adapt An Article

True stories are a great place to look for movie ideas.  People love true stories.  And t the rights to a newspaper or magazine articles is that the rights are generally affordable.Unlike books and plays, newspaper and magazine articles don't get the attention of producers like Scott Rudin or Jerry Bruckheimer. If you find an article...
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Keep It Up

But failing is just not succeeding ... yetPeople with ADHD are sometimes wildly successful, and more often not.Why is that?Well, the more often not part has many explanations. We get distracted, don't get to appointments, can't manage time, act and react impulsively rather than in a calculated manner.Yeah, I...
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How to Dig Through Your Dreams

Many of us dismiss our nighttime dreams. After all, many of us can't even remember them. As soon as we wake up, we're focused on what time it is, what we're doing and where we're going. Our minds gravitate toward our to-do lists, and there's pretty much no going back. It's like the...
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Today I Love Beginnings

Bright new beginningToday I love beginnings, beginnings of days, beginnings of friendships, beginnings of new adventures and projects, tiny things like a new book to read, or and vast and massive life changes like where to live and with whom. I love when I am too busy to get...
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- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

Can Chocolate Actually Help Anxiety or Depression? The Mood Affect

Chocolate As A Mood Stabilizer Does chocolate affect our mood? Okay, I shared a few 2010 studies on Chocolate Myth post.  Yes, chocolate and depression connections continue to be studied.  The last one I read was titled: "Too much chocolate can make men depressed, study finds" published in the UK. Scientists found that men who consumed more than 67 grams ( ounces) of sugar per day increased their risk of mood...
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5 Ways Courage Can Help You Live a Life You Love

Courage feels big, doesn't it? When we think of courage we often pull up images of unbelievable strength, conquering impossible obstacles or climbing to the peak of the mountain with our flag in hand. What about the everyday? Many of the experiences you and I walk through require us to be courageous and to show up...
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Living with ADHD

Good Days, Bad Days and ADHD

On a good day, people with ADHD have symptoms of inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity. ADHD isn’t a mental health condition where we go through "episodes" of having symptoms and then other times when we’re relatively symptom-free.
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