Ducks, Dives, Sprints, And Squirrels

DUCK!!! On Monday I started telling you about how I relate to squirrels and ended up by telling you how I got into a duck sitting situation. I was minding my own business, skipping stones on the beautiful Georgian bay at a place we refer to as Big Bay, when...
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Doesn’t Matter Your Political Party – All Are Stressing Us Out

How do we manage this stress? We should look to our strengths. The future of America is a significant source of stress for most citizens, a new study by the American Psychological Association finds. The survey reviewed the most common stress-management tools that Americans are currently using. I highlight these tools and weave in suggestions for using your character strengths to help you make the most of...
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White Hair? On Me?

There it is, folks. My very own distinguished white streak at last. Yesterday I made an amazing discovery. The night just prior I had noticed a grey hair or two making an appearance along my hair's main part line. Don't misunderstand - this was nothing new. It was what I discovered next that left my jaw hanging wide...
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Five Reasons to Fire your Therapist

I'm a huge advocate of counseling. During my life, I've made use of some very good counselors for personal reasons. As a counselor, I worked with clients over a 10-year period. As a friend or family member, I've helped people find good therapists on several occasions. I've also seen some shocking violations of ethics and common...
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ADHD Symptoms

Three Simple Steps to Understanding your Emotions

Driven by emotions, we react to others, make important decisions, avoid uncomfortable situations, and even sabotage our goals. Yet, most of us don't really understand our emotions or exercise much control over them. This simple tutorial will help us take concrete steps to understanding our emotions so that we can make more conscious choices with...
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Today I Love The Backyard’s Rich New Look

Ahhh, renewing the gardens. Today I love the backyard's rich new look, with fresh compost and new topsoil in many of the raised beds and some of the spreading plants restricted and corralled. I love all the blooming flowers, and the plans for veggies and herbs that will fill the beds....
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Squirrels, Ducks, Water, and Stones

Stone Skipping Capital of Canada I have ADHD. And we, the people with ADHD, have long been associated with the squirrel motif. The reasons are many. Squirrels, for one thing, are resourceful. Squirrels also, because we really don't understand them well, seem to be easily distracted.
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