How To Sleep Better When Struggling With Depression: Part II

Introduction In my previous article, I discussed ways for individuals with Major Depressive Disorder to sleep better at night.  They included not binge watching television before bed time and not logging onto social media before bed time.  This article will expand upon this topic and include two more ways for individuals to improve upon their sleep hygiene...
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Today I Love Big Hero Six

... at the championships. Today I love Big Hero Six, and a lot of other movies I'd just been ignoring or dismissing because I'd sort of sworn off movies and TV. I love that I've been watching old movies and new ones and taking turns suggesting movies and watching ones that are...
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Living with ADHD

ADHD Do-Overs

When you have ADHD, sometimes you have to do things twice because you weren’t paying attention the first time. And if you aren’t paying attention the second time, you can always try a third time.
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ADHD Running in Smoke Rings

All smoke, no mirrors ... If you have ADHD and you smoke, you're self medicating. When I was younger, I smoked. I smoked from the age of twelve, to the age of 36. When I turned 48 and had been smoke free for twelve years, I was able to say the same thing I...
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Today I Love More Weekend Adventures

Making coffee to goooooo .... Today I love more weekend adventures. I love that the weekend starts in a few hours and is tightly choreographed to include a multitude of things from sporting events to a birthday party and even a campfire jam though there will be no actual campfire....
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How to Survive a Dysfunctional Family

All dysfunctional families are alike. They all have mentally disturbed parents, one of them serving as the “mentally disturbed parent-in-chief,” and the other, if there is another, serving as the “enabler of the disturbed parent-in-chief.” Sometimes one finds a folie a deux, in which two parents share a psychosis. These parents then become casting directors and create...
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When Bipolar Disorder Meets Bulimia

At least 14% of people with bipolar disorder suffer from lifetime eating disorders. Compare this to 4-9% in the general population. Bipolar disorder alone is difficult to manage, even if the person is high functioning. It requires daily monitoring of symptoms and behaviors. That’s just when we’re well. Experiencing...
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