How to Express Yourself

One of my favorite ways to express myself has always been through poetry. Because penning poetry is freeing. It feels much less intimidating than writing pages and pages of thoughts and feelings and worries. There's something accessible and (almost) effortless about knowing that you're just jotting down a few sentences, a few images,...


Why You Are Not Attracted To Your Partner

Whether you have been with your partner for a year or many years, the realization that you are not attracted to your partner can be very unsettling. You might feel guilty or think that there is something wrong with you. For some people, the realization sort of creeps up and for others, it’s a more...


Are You Preoccupied with Your Bodily Symptoms?

Some people are preoccupied with their various physical symptoms, ones for which the doctors can find no cause. These people have gone to many health professionals and have been sent for numerous tests, but their symptoms remain as unexplained as before.


Today I Love Feeling Much Better

Decisions, decisions. I pick ... both.Today I love feeling much better than I did last night. I love knowing that, when I'm not well I can heal and mend. I love that it takes a lot to get me down, and a whole lot more to keep me there. I...

Mental Health

How To Get Along With People

"Because you had to be a big shot, didn't you, You had to open up your mouth, You had to be a big shot, didn't you, All your friends were so knocked out" Billy JoelHere are some guaranteed ways to get along with people or you get your money back! 


If I Had One Wish

Three wishes ...You know that game when you were a kid? The one where you get three wishes and you say, "My first wish would be for infinite wishes!"Or maybe you say, "My third wish would be for three more wishes."And then some party pooper says, "Three wishes and you can't wish...


Today I Love Thunder In The Night

The front porch officeToday I love thunder in the night. I love that before the thunder came there was a deluge that poured down so loud it woke me gently and my first thoughts were to wonder unconcernedly if I'd left anything outside that shouldn't be. I love that I thought...


A Man Unmasked

For people on the spectrum, how well someone fares in the general public or on the job often depends on someone’s ability to hide his or her autistic traits and mannerisms. This...

coping skills

We Swim Together

The other day I was down by our turtle pond, a puddle really, and a frog jumped from a shrub into the water. Wow, we are developing out own little ecosystem.Frogs are...

Mental Health

What Is Truth?

"When the truth is found, To be lies, And all the joy, Within you dies, Don't you want somebody to love"  Darby R. SlickWhat is truth? It is the most deadly weapon in the Universe. Why is that true?