10 Signs of Psychopathy and Sociopathy

What comes to mind when you hear the terms psy-cho-pathy or soci-o-pathy? Do you think murderer, lying, or manipulation? If so, you are correct. Psychoathy and sociopathy are different terms to describe a set of different characteristics and motivators of the individual displaying symptoms. Thankfully, most of society does not meet criteria for these...
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Combating The Cynic Within You

Do you sometimes jump to the conclusion that someone who smiles at you or asks how you’re doing is being fake – or has an ulterior motive? Perhaps you tend to criticize others (or yourself) more frequently than you used to. Or maybe you’ve been pulling back from getting together with friends, believing that they don’t...
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Bipolar Laid Bare

Fatigue and Managing Emotions

I’m tired. Not “I didn’t get enough sleep last night” tired. I’m fatigued to the point of not being able to function. I’ve been incredibly busy and unable to keep to my normal routine. I’ve had long periods when I haven't been able to have the downtime I need in order to keep myself...
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Today I Love Sunny Summer Tuesdays

Sunny summer days Today I love sunny summer Tuesdays that feel like they could be Saturdays or Sundays. I love holidaying. I love road trips that work out well and fit the plans that were made. I love breakfast where everyone gets what they want. I love that even though we...
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I’d Rather Have a Heart Attack Than Meditate

The last Quick Fix column was about how to respond when someone says, "That's just the way I am." Well, maybe I don't want a full blown heart attack, the kind that hurts, but I could (do) put up with heart palpitations. At least I'd know I'm alive. Today's cartoon is about my astonishment that some people can actually meditate, and seem to enjoy it. When I was...
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ADHD Symptoms

The Diet for Depression

While there has been some research in the past suggesting a link between diet and depression, Professor Felice Jacka of Deakin University in Australia has completed a truly revolutionary study demonstrating that a healthy diet can actually treat existing depression. The study involved 67 individuals with moderate to severe depression, most of whom were taking...
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Be Your Own Hero

Linda: We live in a world in which people are defined and identified and even valued in accordance to the groups to which they belong. These characterizations are based upon factors such...
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