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Addiction and Rational Emotive Therapy (RET)

Want to know the truth about how to change your life in six words? Here you go: “What you believe determines your experience.”That’s one of my favorite principles of Spiritual Psychology, because it sums up the power of our beliefs to influence every aspect of your life.You’ve seen this truth play out, haven’t you? To give just one example, consider how your attitude...
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Movie Mentoring

Breaking Free from Competition into Cooperation

Three of the many lovely green growing things I welcomed to my little casa recently. I am hoping we can work out a lovely cooperative arrangement that benefits all!A couple weeks ago I watched a wonderful documentary called In Search of Balance.I chose it because the film addressed chronic illness...
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Mental Health

The Good Old Days

"You know the good ole days weren't always good, And tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems" Billy Joel"The fear of something is always worse than the reality" FeatherLeafI am standing before the precipice flapping my wings. I am making the leap of faith, expecting to fly. 
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Okay, ADHD, I Tried!

It took a while to figure out ...Okay, already. I tried.First, for nearly fifty years, I tried to be normal. I thought I was normal. Okay, I thought I was on the outer edge of normal, but still in the circle.I tried to interact with others normally, but of course, as...
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Understanding Empathy

I have two friends, one from kindergarten, and one from first grade.  Real friends. I'm talking about the 500 Facebook friends you have, or the dinner party you throw with 10-12 close friends, I am talking about the friends that are loyal to the core, that don't judge you, that actively listen, and will jump on a plane...
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Today I Love These Last Three Days

Winter stillToday I love these last three days of Winter's custodial caring for our part of the earth. I love that, although it has not been a great winter for it, we got some snow and hopefully it was enough to keep the land from drying out. I love that...
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