Authenticity, Transparency

How to Live by Choice

Living by choice is not a mystery; the steps are simple. But it doesn’t come easily, especially at first. If it did, everyone would drop their old habits and start living with intention so they could reap all the benefits and live healthier, happier...

Body Mechanics & Tai Chi Chuan

Be Who You Really Are

How to Increase Authenticity and Authentic Self-Expression

Because you can’t express your authentic feelings to others until you can identify them, engage in the fundamental mindfulness practice of recognizing your thoughts, sensations, and emotions. Don’t analyze them; simply acknowledge and honor them.

Take risks in...

Chronic Illness

Why Do Cancer Rates Drop in Times of War?

War Lowers Cancer Rates?
Solomon (1990) made the surprising finding that, historically, cancer rates have been much higher among soldiers in peacetime than during wartime. He discovered that being challenged and stressed can actually be good for one’s health, and that an easier life without challenge is deleterious to it. During...