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Archives for April, 2015


How to Live a Happier, Healthier Life

In my last article, I described my frustration with not being able to help my clients enough, especially those who had already been doing all the right things and were still suffering with depression and chronic medical conditions. I described how I stopped taking new clients in order to dive into spending my time doing serious reviews of all the published research that could point me in a new clinical direction. What I learned was that...
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Happiness & Wellbeing

Are Friends Good for My Health?

Around the world and in all cultures, the healthiest people belong to some kind of community, have close friends, and feel connected with the whole of humanity. In fact, all forms of chronic and life-threatening health challenges are more prevalent where there is the least social support. In parts of the world where multigenerational families remain together living in tight communities that are closed to outsiders—communities in which every member is known and valued—disease rates of...
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Authenticity, Transparency

The Dangers of Cognitive Fusion

Since the time of the ancient Greek metaphysicians, it has been known that happy people are healthier than depressed or anxious people. An easy way to personally experience this is to notice that when you have a stressful thought, you don’t feel as well as when you feel carefree and happy. Headaches, backaches, and bellyaches are the most common symptoms of emotional distress.

Unfortunately, there are no magic techniques to increase happiness, but it can be helpful...
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How to Practice Loving Self-Care

In last Thursday’s article I introduced the concept of setting an intention to practice loving self-care. I will expand on the idea here and introduce you to the concept of needs as well as to some recommended suggestions on how to actually practice it.

I especially tune in to intentionality and choice when I go in for an MRI, an endoscopy, or any other unpleasant procedure; this is a form of loving self-care.
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What is Loving Self-Care

Life consists not in holding good cards, but in playing those we do hold well.—Josh Billings
“Self-care” is a straightforward term that encompasses any action we take to nurture our health. Finding the right physicians to help us manage our conditions, receiving appropriate treatments, eating a nutrient-dense diet, and getting sufficient daily exercise and rest are all examples of self-care. But what is loving self-care?
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