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Archives for March, 2015


More on the Empowerment Mantra: I Am Choosing

The most important reason to preface every behavior with I am choosing

The power of this practice is that it allows you to take control of your life and step out of the poor me, helpless-hopeless, victim-type thinking that is all too common among those of us living with chronic health challenges. You are not helpless; you have a range of choices in virtually every moment of your day. Prefacing all behavior with I am choosing serves...
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Happiness & Wellbeing

Is It Possible To Rewire The Brain To Improve Health?

I have lived my entire life with chronic illness. And as a psychotherapist, I worked exclusively with people living with chronic and life-threatening medical conditions. Through all of these experiences, I have learned that we can increase the odds of improving our health and wellbeing through mindfulness-based practices, especially those that are evolving out of new advances in the field of positive psychology.

The practice I describe here is a way of living that serves to...
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What is the Secret to Self-Acceptance?

The Usefulness of Fears and Aversions

Approached mindfully, our fears and aversions serve a purpose, which deepens self-acceptance practice. The key is to view our fears and aversions as interesting growth opportunities rather than as things to reject and avoid. Over time, we become less likely to attempt to reject those parts of ourselves—and this, too, contributes to self-acceptance. When we increase our awareness through increased perception, we find fewer things about ourselves that engender aversion and...
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How Can I Improve Self-Acceptance?

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson once complained to his physician that he felt depressed. The doctor recommended a long sea voyage. Emerson took his advice and at the end of the journey wrote in his diary: “It didn’t work; when I got off the ship in Naples, the first person I met was myself!”

Resistance Breeds Persistence

The uncomfortable or frightening thoughts, mental images, sensations, or emotions that arise naturally
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Chronic Illness

Positive Psychology Improves Health

For millions of people living with chronic medical conditions our lives sometimes look like this:

Life consists of going to invasive medical tests & treatments.
Almost every aspect of life revolves around being sick.
You feel like a disease with a person attached to it.
You fall into a passive, victim stance due to unremitting physical disability, dysfunction, pain, fatigue, and medical appointments.

Living that way is not conducive to health, but trying to live as a healthy person and keep...
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Body Mechanics & Tai Chi Chuan

How to Make Your Own Drugs

As I mentioned in my last article, when we are in perfect health we make all the drugs we need; this is referred to as the endogenous pharmacy. The brain writes prescriptions, which are filled by the various organs. We are all capable of developing the ability to positively influence our endogenous pharmacies. All it takes is the cultivation of certain skills through mental training.
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