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Archives for December, 2014


Friends Are Vital For Your Health, Part 1

Everyone knows of the importance to health of eating a nutrient-dense diet, getting enough daily exercise, enough sleep every night, and engaging in some form of stress-management. What most people do not know is that friends can make a dramatic difference in your health. To convince you, I have provided a little of the scientific data. Part two of this article will appear in a few days; it will offer numerous evidence-based suggestions as to...
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Happiness & Wellbeing

Helping Others Improves Our Own Health and Wellbeing

The Empowered Patient

In all my years of working with people who were living with chronic, debilitating medical conditions, the single most significant problem I observed was that many people adopt the view that the doctors have all the power and that they, as patients, are at the mercy of their doctors. Although we need good medical care, it is also important to become an empowered patient. An empowered patient learns all about their particular condition, and...
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Chronic Illness

Self-Efficacy Improves Wellbeing

Empowered medical patients get the best medical care and they practice the best self-care. The primary attribute they share is a strong sense of self-efficacy—the knowing that the actions they take can make a real difference in the outcome of their self-care and healthcare. Independent of the actual healthy behaviors of the person with self-efficacy, that attitude itself is conducive to wellbeing and health.

Living with chronic pain, malaise, fatigue, or disability on a daily basis for...
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A Guide to Practicing Self-Acceptance


For those of us who have spent a lifetime rejecting our inner experiences, it's not easy to change. When we form long-term habits of doing that, it can seem like a Sisyphean task to change and start practicing healthier responses.

But experts in the field have found effective ways to accomplish this. Countless people have done it, and with practice, there's no reason you can't break the cycle of self-rejection.
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Can We Train the Mind to Increase Wellbeing?

cultivate wellbeing

Wellbeing is not dependent on health.

Wellbeing refers to healthy, sustainable personality characteristics that are associated with health, happiness, and flourishing. However, health is not a prerequisite for wellbeing, nor are external circumstances.

Live like those who exhibit a high level of wellbeing.

This article describes evidence-based practices that can be adopted in order to cultivate wellbeing. The practices recommended herein mimic the behavior of people who naturally seem to live with a high level...
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Happiness & Wellbeing

Be an Empowered Medical Patient

Learn to do what makes a difference.

Living with a life-threatening or debilitating chronic medical condition—regardless of age—can easily leave you feeling powerless and depressed. However, there are ways to change this.

Skill-building catalyzes mastery.

With specific skill-building practices, it is possible to live with a sense of mastery and wellbeing—of feeling fully in charge of your life, even when receiving a bad prognosis or when living with chronic pain, disability, or malaise.
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What is Acceptance and Commitment Training?

Introduction to ACT

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), pronounced “act,” is one of several new third-wave behavioral therapies. A non-psychotherapy version, referred to as Acceptance and Commitment Training, is also practiced by health professionals, sport coaches, life coaches, and is used in the corporate world to improve imagination, creativity, and productivity. Long-term mindfulness meditators have found that learning ACT has enabled them to live fuller lives.
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Body Mechanics & Tai Chi Chuan

What Are The Health Benefits of Tai Chi Chuan?

Attenuation of Age Decline

Considerable published research in science journals now reveals that tai chi chuan improves overall physiological functioning and has been found to attenuate the age decline.

Meditation In Movement

Mindfulness practice normally involves following the sensations of breathing, noticing when the mind wanders off, noticing without analyzing where it went, and then immediately, nonjudgmentally, returning your attention to the object of focus—the breathing sensations. Although formal sitting meditation is the primary way of practicing mindfulness, it...
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What More Can You Do?

Are you doing all you can do?

If you are someone living with a debilitating chronic medical condition, and you are already eating a nutrient-dense diet, getting sufficient daily exercise, enough sleep every night and rest during the day, and you want to know what more you can do, read on. I was one of those people, doing everything right, yet still suffering. Then, I acknowledged to myself that I was not doing enough, even though I...
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