About Elizabeth Power, M.Ed.


Elizabeth Power, M.Ed. is the CEO and founder of The Trauma Informed Academy, an online multidisciplinary set of classes helping people think through and become Trauma-Responsive. She was part of  an NIMH research project that successfully assessed the effectiveness of the use of the core principles of Risking Connection by Primary Care Providers in their clinical settings.

Her firm is the provider of Risking Connection training and Trauma-Informed Care consulting to King County, WA’s SAMHSA Transformation to Trauma-Informed Care, and the creator of TReSIA, the Trauma-Responsive Systems Implementation Advisor at www.traumainformedcare.com.

She is, as it is said, “smarter than a pack of police dogs, funnier than a six pack of funny bones on go-juice, and and as adept at change as chameleon clambering through a costume ball.” When you need a speaker with humor, depth, wisdom and motivation, she’s the one. Download audio/video/print material, or contact us to discuss bookings.

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