A Suicide in the Neighborhood

A man from around the corner walked to the end of the block and shot himself Friday night.  Someone called the police and said an older man had a gun and was threatening to hurt himself, and boy did the police respond.

There were patrol cars and officers everywhere.  When they entered the man's apartment and found he wasn’t there, they fanned out in every direction.

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Confronting Violence and Mental Illness

Commentators on mass shooters always turn to the killers' mental health, as if mental illness alone can explain such hate and violence.

People who manage mental illness well and never resort to violence, by far most people with mental illness, bear a responsibility to stand as models of what positive treatment can achieve.  This may bring more people, even those with a risk toward violence, into treatment.

This post first appeared after the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012.  It's tragic that since then nothing has changed.

Here it is:


What Does It Mean To Age Successfully?

One can feel old, or one can feel vital, but society has a difficult time defining what it means to age well.

Since the largest share of healthcare expenditures goes to treating people over age 65, it’s easy to view old age from a medical perspective.  But this does a great disservice to the elderly and their sense of self-worth.


Does Gluten Play a Role in Acute Mania?

Individuals hospitalized for acute mania show significantly elevated levels of antibodies to gliadin, derived from the wheat protein gluten.

Other studies investigating an association between bipolar disorder and celiac disease have focused on bipolar depression.  A study from the Stanley Research Program at Sheppard Pratt in Baltimore specifically looked at gluten sensitivity and mania.


Sports, The Stories We Tell, And Mental Health

Participating in sports and exercise can help a person create new, positive stories about themselves and reframe the future as a positive event to look forward to.

In the social constructionist narrative approach to therapy, it’s found that most people view the future as an extension of the past.  For people with serious mental illness, this past/future narrative can lead one to feel trapped, with only defeats experienced to be repeated.

A study of men with mental illness...


Bipolar Disorder and Celiac Disease

People with celiac disease are 17 times more likely to have bipolar disorder than those without celiac.

I had gut problems for decades.  I thought it was normal to feel like crap after I ate.  Then I was diagnosed with celiac disease and my life completely changed.

I feel great since eliminating gluten from my diet.  I have more energy, I’m not sick all the time and I’m less moody.  The moody part really intrigued me, so I looked into how celiac and bipolar relate.


Why Drugs Cost So Much

Don’t think for a moment that the high cost of prescription medication matters less because most of the cost is paid for by insurance companies or the government.  These costs are passed along to the consumer in the form of high premiums and taxes.

So one way or another, you’re paying for it.