About Getting Older with Bipolar & George Hofmann

“Getting Older With Bipolar” presents issues of aging and mental illness. This blog is relevant for those managing their own mental illness, or those with parents, family members, or friends dealing with these challenges. Topics range from access to healthcare and the financial impact of distress, to the long-term effects of stress and medication, to reflections on therapy and relationships as impacted by life with the struggles and successes found in coping with mental illness. Focused on the unique fears and promises of aging with a perceived disability, “Getting Older With Bipolar” will inform, provoke, and entertain those in the healing community.

About George Hofmann

George HofmannTwenty-six years ago George Hofmann was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 1. The onset of the disease derailed a successful career in financial services and special risk insurance, and led to years of hospitalizations, a period on disability, and a life of barely getting by. With luck, support, and hard work George has recovered and has managed the disorder well for over a decade. Now he’s in his 50s and facing new challenges resulting from years of living with a serious mental illness. Visit George at www.practicingmentalillness.org.

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