Loneliness and the Elderly

Are the elderly lonely or not?

A post I wrote last week cited a study that claims that people over 50 are most comfortable confiding in others, and they have people they trust to confide in.  A UK study indicates that people over 65 begin to lose contact with others and feel increasingly lonely.


Why People Stay Away From Therapy

Stigma keeps people out of therapy – lots of people.

I went to great lengths to keep my mental illness a secret.  It was 1994 and I was an executive, and no way would anyone understand or give me a second chance.

I thought that by covering things up and keeping psychiatry and therapy out of my records things could work out in my favor.

Actually, hiding the illness made things much worse.

bipolar disorder

Bipolar Disorder and Excessive Spending

No one can blow through money quite like a person in a manic episode.  I’ve flown across the country to buy an expensive piece of art.  I’ve pulled into a car dealership and bought an Acura with my American Express card.

Years later, when my executive job was gone and I missed two payments, Amex cancelled the card.  If only I’d locked it away.


Bipolar Disorder Is Overdiagnosed

The young man jumped up and yelled, “You’re not bipolar! Look at you, you’re fine! My sister is bipolar and right now she’s in the hospital recovering from a suicide attempt!”

If I told him that I spent a day in the ICU after my own suicide attempt and had been hospitalized six times, went through a period when I couldn’t work, emptied every bank account I ever had and wrecked a bunch of relationships it wouldn’t have made any difference.

His experience with his sister’s bipolar disorder was present, and desperate.


Anger About Things You Can’t Accept And Mindfulness Meditation

One of the doctrines of modern mindfulness meditation, especially some Buddhist inspired meditation taught by teachers with only a tangential understanding of Buddhism, is radical acceptance.

Often misunderstood, at its root lies the need to experience things as they are; things not bound by judgment, opinion, or our desire to change things to better suit our expectations.

But we are always judging.  We must make decisions to survive.

burn out

Your Doctor is Burned Out

Burnout is a state of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion brought on by prolonged stress. 79% of primary care physicians suffer from it.

It’s bad for specialists, too.  According to an InCrowd study, 57% of them feel burned out and strain under a heavy workload.