Book Review, Rush: Revolution, Madness & the Visionary Doctor Who Became a Founding Father

The practice of psychiatry in America began in the basement of a hospital in colonial Philadelphia.

I often get the bus at Third and Walnut just blocks from Independence Hall.  There’s a beautiful garden there with a plaque on the wall that identifies the site as the location of Benjamin Rush’s residence.

Rush signed the Declaration of Independence and brokered the peace between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, but his most lasting legacy was as a physician and the role he played in the treatment of those with mental illness.

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The Global Trend to Limit Regulations and Rush Drugs to Market

What happens when competition replaces science as the most important factor in approving new medicines?

Regenerative treatments like stem cell therapies have emerged as the frontier of medicine, including neurological medicine and psychiatry. Much promise is held out for these new therapies and their influence on mental and physical health.

Research on phenotypes, stem cells and genes carried out on mice promises to impact treatment for bipolar disorder in the not too distant future.

But future therapies are incredibly expensive to develop, and companies and governments funding the research seek a return on their investment as soon as possible.

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How to Meditate to Find Your Intention

Meditation can give you a tremendous opportunity to uncover the intention that fuels your goals.

An intention underlies an aim or a plan.  You need to know yours to get where you aim to be.  It’s crucial to mental health.

Mindfulness meditation, working with the breath and releasing thoughts as they arise, has been very helpful to me for many years.  The health, cognitive, and emotional benefits of this practice are well-documented.

But sometimes, to the horror of my teachers, I pull out a notepad and start paying closer attention to the thoughts skipping through my mind during meditation periods.  I turn each meditation into a period of contemplation on goals and intentions.