Bipolar Treatment

Informed Consent is a Myth

We ask people with impaired reason to consent to treatment to try to re-establish their sanity.  Are they even capable of making such a decision?

I was psychotically manic, suicidal, and engaging in self-injury when my doctor decided I needed electro-convulsive therapy.  I got it. I received a couple dozen treatments that messed with my memory but did stop the episode that nearly killed me.

Somehow, at this time in my life when I was a raving lunatic, I was asked to consent to treatment and, apparently, I did.

Bipolar Treatment

ECT Really Does Cause Significant Memory Loss

There’s a three-year hole in my life in which I remember almost nothing.  Toward the end of that period I had a course of 21 Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT) treatments administered over five months.

I lived in Phoenix and I couldn’t even tell you where my apartment was.  I was married during that time, and the few pictures I have fire no recognition.

Bipolar Treatment

Hypomania is a New Puppy

Few things feel more like hypomania than the five-month old brindle pit that has taken over the house. She romps with joy over beds and couches and up and down the stairs.  She has chewed a hole in the comforter, and we can’t get her to stop using the back patio as a bathroom.

At every moment, at any time, she could spin completely out of control.  Hypomania is like that.


CBD Will Replace Mindfulness

I’m not into making bold predictions, and I don’t mean to be cynical, but fads are always replaced by new fads.  Unfortunately, for many, I fear mindfulness practice is about to fall to CBD as the "in" means of stress relief.


Is Bipolar Disorder an Autoimmune Disease?

A subset of bipolar disorder is strongly linked to inflammation, and a treatable immune system condition could be mistaken for bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

Researchers at the Houston Methodist Neurological Institute believe that many people diagnosed with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia actually have a form of encephalitis that interferes with brain receptors.  This autoimmune disease is called anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis.

Bipolar Treatment

Is This Mindfulness Thing Working?

I haven’t been mindful at all lately. I chewed up a fork in the garbage disposal, I keep making trips to the basement for things I forgot to get the last time I was down there, and I drove off with my lunch bag containing my phone, wallet, and lunch sitting on the roof of the car.

It seems I spend a half-hour each day meditating and the rest of the day overlooking things. Meditating is difficult and often boring work. At times it can be very unsettling. So why do I bother?

Bipolar Treatment

The Two Week Rule

I have spent an awful lot of money while manic. Almost all of it on things I later regretted buying.

When I was younger, before bipolar disorder roared into my life, I had a successful career in business and saved a ton. Then came the rapidly changing moods and periods when I thought I needed the craziest stuff.