About A Counselor’s Observations

Now I could bore you with endless talk about how I’m qualified to say what I say and how you should sit on the edge of your seat hanging on every word that comes out of my mouth, but this site isn’t really about me. It’s about you.

It’s about how I can relate to you and hopefully, how you can relate to me. This site is for anyone that lives life, experiences challenges, problems, troubles, stress and all those things that can dampen the whole experience of living.

And I imagine, even though I don’t know you, that at some point in your life, life has been less than wonderful. This is a blog dedicated to coming up with ways to cope with being alive. I try to deliver my explanations, philosophies and advice in simple terms. Often information about mental health techniques and strategies delivered by other sites and blogs can be dull and complicated, but it doesn’t need to be.

A Counselor’s Observations centers around mental health theories and techniques, but ultimately, it focuses on how we can all improve our lives and come to accept the challenges we face. Whether you have an ongoing, temporary or acute mental health issue or just struggling with day-to-day living, this site might be helpful (well I certainly hope it is). If you do want all that boring dull information on my therapeutic background visit my facebook profile page.

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Last updated: 12 Jul 2012
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