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Archives for December, 2012

Coping Strategies

Reasons Not To Call A Mistake A Failure

I worded the title of this blog to capture the attention of people who do believe their mistakes are failures, but in all honesty, I don't believe mistakes are failures. And I'd like to explain to you my reasoning for that plus in a future blog give you some tips on coping with perceptions of failure. For now I just want to convince you that using the word failure, for any reason,...
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Attitudes Towards Life

Reasons To Love Your Life

You know, I imagine that anyone reading this blog questions whether they love their life. If you love your life then why read a blog on reasons to love it, right? I mean you already have the answers.

I'm not talking about a lust for life. And by lust I mean getting caught up in short bursts of excitement and adrenaline. I'm not talking about the feeling of love that ebbs and flows (although, the...
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Stuck In An Over-Thinking Rut?

I don’t know about you but I’m an over-thinker. I like to think. I like to ponder.  I'm an intellectual, and intellectuals think the answer to every problem lies in how they think about that problem. As I've grown older,  a double-edged sword, I've realized this is not true. But even so, old habits are hard to break and when there’s a problem in my life sometimes I can’t stop my brain is...
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