So Autism Speaks Isn’t Talking About a Cure Anymore

I'm sure we all know Autism Speaks. It's by far the largest autism organization in the world. And to a lot of people, the most villainous. That's definitely going to change now for a lot of people since their page no longer says the word "cure."

They are still looking for one though. Check out this ten-year mission statement:


This Aspie Needs a Job

My new therapist thinks I need a job. She thinks it'd help me relate more to the real world.

Work has always been a real problem for me. And I'm not sure I've conveyed that properly. Sometimes I write in a glib, bitchy style so I don't have to feel vulnerable. But I think it's so important for people to know the actual reasons so many of us have trouble keeping jobs. Yes, some of us *raises...

Coming to Terms

When You’ve Got A Risk-Taking Temperament

I wonder if there's ever going to be a place for people like me. And I'm not talking about autistic people. There are plenty of places for us sperg lords and ladies to congregate. But there are plenty of other people who don't fit into mainstream society for reasons that aren't considered pathological, but are probably just as innate.

Accepting Yourself

Autism Doesn’t Have To Stop Us From Living Satisfying Lives

Getting an autism diagnosis always changes our lives. Usually for the better. Most people I know were incredibly relieved once they got that label. They said it took the pressure off.

But there's another side of that coin. Sometimes an easy excuse can make us too complacent. I'm speaking from experience here. Unlike a lot of us, I got my diagnosis in my early teens. But I ignored it for over a decade.


A New Yorker’s Take On San Diego

So I just got back from a late-summer trip to San Diego with my man. I loved it. It was 100% worth the panic attack I had on the plane. The West Coast is very different from here. We stayed with John's friends so I got to learn a little more about the culture than I would if we just went by ourselves.


The Five Types Of Asperger’s

It still pisses me off that the DSM5 got rid of Asperger's. Not only is Asperger's it's own thing (repetitive behaviors & special interests you guys!) but there's different levels of it. There are so many genes that go into autism that it might even be split into several different disorders someday. Here's a totally unscientific set of types based on aspies I've known: