Coping Skills

Fear of Success

I have never been one to fear success.  I love success.  It's fun.  It feels good.  It leads to praise and rewards.  In fact, one of the major motivating factors in my life has been a fear of failure.  I never want to disappoint...


The Shame We Feel

I've realized that the bikini holds a special place in our society. It's not just a bathing suit. It's a trophy we bestow upon some, and a treasure we withhold from others.

I started thinking about this when I saw a picture online of a...


What Kids Learn

My family and I went out to lunch yesterday for my daughter's birthday.  Halfway through lunch, my 7 year old looked at me and said, "Mommy, if you exercise to be skinny, why doesn't it work?"

Now this surprised me for two reasons.

One, if I...


It’s a Control Thing

I remember being in high school and having the health teachers and psychology teachers and gym teachers (and seemingly every other teacher) lecturing us about eating disorders.  They would discuss the different types, and then they would always be sure to say how it wasn't about food or weight.  It was about control.


Why I Am not on a Diet

I had a school physical the summer before I started eighth grade.  I stepped on a scale.  I was on the lower range of normal, but I had hit a new number.  A new milestone.  And I didn't like it.

That was the beginning of...


A Long Time Coming

Hello.  My name is Amanda, and I have trouble controlling what I eat.

That may sound a bit like we are at an AA meeting or some other Anonymous function, and maybe that's appropriate.  While I wouldn't exactly call myself a compulsive eater, I really...