The Myth of Multitasking & The Art of Doing One Thing At a Time

With the holidays fast approaching, many of you may be feeling the crunch to get a ridiculously long list of tasks accomplished in record time.

If you’re like many people, multitasking as a means to respond to the growing demands of an over-scheduled, hectic pace of life seems to be the new marker of efficiency. You may even consider yourself a master multitasker. But in truth, there is no such thing. 

The Myth

In order...


No, Really… I’m An Introvert

The Challenges of Being an Introvert with Extroverted Social Skills

I never really understood why I often felt so awkward and antisocial in high school.

It's easy to attribute all those feelings of anxiety, of wanting to be alone, of needing to be away from the energy of others, to a lack of self-confidence, right?

Appearing to fit in was the goal; to be like everyone else, talking about the same things, wearing the same clothes. But inside,...


How Fluent Are YOU in the Languages of Love?

We all know how vital communication is for successful relationships, and expressing our love for one another is an important aspect of that communication. 

But what if two people are speaking entirely different dialects? According to Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the the popular relationship book, The Five Love Languages, this happens more often than we might realize, and can lead to misunderstandings and disagreements that might otherwise have been avoided had we learned each...


Facts About Manopause Every Man (and Woman) Needs to Know

It’s common knowledge that women will, at a certain age, experience a shift in their hormone levels as a result of menopause. Hot flashes, moodiness, night sweats and changes to sex drive are all possible signs and symptoms.

But did you know that men go through a similar change in hormone production as they age? Manopause, or andropause, is the term used to describe this phase in which a man’s testosterone levels begin to drop, resulting in...


How to Survive – And Even Enjoy – Christmas When You Hate The Holidays

I’m a big fan of Christmas.

I don’t celebrate from a religious perspective, nor do I tend to get swept up in the commercialism of the season. We grew up poor, but the memories and associations I have with the holidays are incredibly fond, warm and glowing with happiness. No matter how old I get or how chaotic the world might be, I look forward to December every year with all the joy and enthusiasm of...

Coaching and Therapy

Feeling Down? Eat Some Sauerkraut

How’s your microbiota?

You may be thinking “I beg your pardon!” That is, unless you’re up on all the latest research and findings coming to light recently on the human gut.

Western medicine is finally realizing just how big a role the state of our digestive tract is playing on our overall level of well-being. And we’re not just talking physiological health; as it turns out, the microbe population residing in our intestine has a great deal...


Interrupting Anger – 7 Simple Tricks

I’ve been really paying attention lately to how arguments start. 

I don’t mean the topic or the inciting words, though those certainly play a key role in when and how often two people fight. I’m particularly interested in discerning that moment, that exact point in any developing situation or conversation where it changes from a simple disagreement to a heated altercation. 

In my own personal interactions, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the ‘point...


Is it Passive-Aggression, or Just Fear of Expressing Your Needs?

I wrote an article recently on the various ways in which passive-aggressive behavior can undermine and destroy relationships. And it certainly can do just that.

But as I was outlining the behaviors and language typically associated with the passive-aggressive personality, I couldn’t help but feel that several of the traits and habits seemed out of place. At the very least, they seemed to require a separate category of their own.

What is Passive-Aggression?

Passive-aggression is...


Power Over Your Happy Brain Chemicals

This is a guest post by Loretta Graziano Breuning, PhD

Happiness is often viewed as our natural default state, so it seems like something is wrong if you’re not happy— wrong with the world or wrong with you.

This is simply false. Our brain evolved to promote survival, not to make you happy all the time.

It releases the happy brain chemicals when you find a way to promote the survival of your genes. This is not what you think with...