4 thoughts on “The Simplest Weight Loss Tip

  • August 20, 2018 at 6:38 pm

    Yes, it worked for me. Porridge with fruit for breakfast, salad with oily fish or spanish omelette for lunch, stir fry veg with meat or seafood for dinner. Boiled eggs or natural full fat yogurt as snack or with breakfast. Lots of variety of salads and veggies to choose from, any meat no biggerthan palm of my hand. No alcohol or sodas. No bread or pastries. Kept to fresh counters in shops, hardly went near packaged goods unless for tea, coffee, detergents etc. Shop cheaper, quicker. Fridge bursting with healthy food options. Lost 15 pounds over 6 weeks (average 2.5 pounds a week though lost 4 pounds in first week). Never hungry or hangry. Slept better, moved better. Thought I would be bored but have enjoyed variety and feel great. Eating fresh means no e-numbers, additives, etc. Buy organic if available but depends on cost.

  • August 22, 2018 at 7:10 am

    This is what has worked for me in the past and is working again now, along with doing yoga twice a week. I rarely eat breakfast except a coffee with whole cream, and have a salad with veggies and a hard boiled egg or hummus for lunch. Small dinner, whatever my husband fixes.

  • August 22, 2018 at 2:40 pm

    Hummmmm….. interesting read and I appreciate your point of view. However, sounds boring and unsustainable for the full journey of life. I can see where this might be helpful if trying to lose 15-20 pounds after say a pregnancy, or that mid life gain, but to eat this way for the rest of your life, I don’t think most folks could pull that off. Life long sustained weight loss comes from making sustainable changes that can be followed for life, as well as addressing the underlying issue(s) of why food is someones “drug of choice” so to speak. For those of us battling with a life long (or close to it) challenge with their weight, and relationship with food, I don’t think this is a solution for most. As an ex 350+ pound person, I can say that for me at least, eating generally the same thing day in and day out would lead to disaster similar to a highly restrictive diet. I believe it is more about portion control and figuring out why one is overeating. Is it to self soothe? Is it a firefighter (Internal family systems thinking here) who is trying to help? What is the underlying root of food use that’s for reasons other than nourishing our bodies? I still struggle with keeping off the weight I have lost, and occasionally fight a bit of a regain. And if I have learned nothing else in this journey, it is not so much about WHAT I eat, as WHY I eat. Obesity, for many of us, is a symptom of a bigger issue. Trauma history, etc.etc. and all the nutritional info or the next “Fad”, is not going to do a thing over the long haul unless the underlying whys are addressed. Just my thoughts on the subject. Thanks for letting me share.

    • August 23, 2018 at 4:28 pm

      Rebecca, I completely agree with you and I enjoyed reading your comment.


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