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Octacosanol – Has Stress-Related Insomnia Met its Match?

Stress can make it difficult to sleep. This isn't news. The rise of octacosanol, another dietary supplement with research behind it, is no surprise, either.

The rise of octacosanol, another dietary supplement with research behind it, is no surprise, either.

If you suffer from stress-related insomnia, octacosanol could be a reason to hope for relief. The mental and physical anguish insomnia causes are enough to motivate anyone. Buying an inexpensive supplement is worth a...
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Angry? It Might Be Abilify

This is a guest post by William Jiang, MLS

Note: This is an opinion-based post. All views expressed are the personal perspective of the author. No medical advice should be implied.

Abilify. It is the single best-selling drug of all time. From April 2013, through March 2014, sales of Abilify (official name, aripiprazole) totaled $6,885,243,368.

That is, Abilify made almost 7 billion in one year.

At the...
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Feeling Lousy? Try Something a Little Different

Ever try singing when you're feeling bad?

Many of us understand how powerful music can be on our moods, and know the capacity of the ‘right’ song to carry us into different emotional states.

A recent article on The Mighty even reveals 30 songs that their members found helpful for anxiety and depression

Maybe you’re also the type who loves to belt one out in the shower or car, or perhaps you just quietly hum...
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This is What Happened During My Free Psychoanalysis Consult

September 4, 2017

I haven’t even begun psychoanalysis and it’s already driving me nuts.

I'm exaggerating a little, but at the end of the free Skype consult, I was angry. What does negotiating a fee have to do with my mother?

Yes, it went there.

My first official psychoanalysis session begins in a few days. I still don't know the fee, but we've got a range to consider. The psychoanalyst is mulling it over too, as he's...
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You’ll Be Shocked at How Therapeutic Journaling Can Heal You

This is a guest post from therapeutic journaling expert and author, Mari L. McCarthy.

Did you know that handwriting therapeutically in a journal can boost your immune system and slash the number of visits you make to the doctors?

Yes, therapeutic journaling - also known as expressive writing, can improve the symptoms of chronic illness, reduce your chances of catching a common cold, and even reduce drug costs.

But what is the evidence for therapeutic...
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The Loneliness Epidemic and Longevity

Most of us know by now that eating well, getting regular exercise, and minimizing bad habits like smoking and drinking can all contribute to longer, healthier lives. But there’s an emerging lifestyle factor, one that you likely haven’t considered, that may actually be harder on your health:


Over 100 studies have found that being lonely and socially isolated is linked to a full 26% increase in risk of death, making the resulting danger to...
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5 Strategies for Uninterrupted Sleep

You’re lying in bed, exhausted. It’s the middle of the night, and for no apparent reason, you’re awake - wide awake.

You toss and turn, trying to get back to sleep, but to no avail. Another anxious glance at your alarm clock shows the agonizing hours slipping by. It feels like you’re the only person in the world not sleeping.

Frustration and desperation set in as your 7:00 wake-up call looms ever nearer. The next day, you’re...
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Why Smarter People are More Likely to Be Loners

There is a generally accepted idea that socializing with one’s peers tends to equate to increased levels of happiness.

This seems to hold true for the vast majority of people, with the exception of those with high intelligence, according to new research.

A long-term study published in the British Journal of Psychology followed young adults between the ages of 18 and 28, and surveyed their levels of life satisfaction.

In particular, the study looked at the density of...
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The Diet for Depression

While there has been some research in the past suggesting a link between diet and depression, Professor Felice Jacka of Deakin University in Australia has completed a truly revolutionary study demonstrating that a healthy diet can actually treat existing depression.

The study involved 67 individuals with moderate to severe depression, most of whom were taking antidepressants and/or were in regular psychotherapy. All participants self-reported eating an unhealthy diet.

Half of the group were assigned to follow...
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Does Being Generous Make You Happier?

Researchers have finally demonstrated the neuroscientific basis for that warm, feel-good glow we get from being kind to others.

Philippe Tobler and Ernst Fehr of the University of Zurich’s Behavioral Economics Department set up an experiment to investigate how various areas in the brain communicate to produce these good feelings, in the hopes of providing insight into the connection between happiness and altruism.

The study’s 50 participants were promised a sum of money, to be received...
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