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What People with Depression Can’t Imagine

Depression is one of the most prevalent mental health disorders in the world today, with an estimated 322 million people suffering from its disabling effects. (Source)

Along with a loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, problems coping with everyday tasks, and a persistent feeling of sadness, depression often comes with a feeling of hopelessness and overwhelm.

A recent study conducted at McMaster University may help explain why many people experience depression...
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Four Major Lessons about the Grief Process

Not long ago I was interviewed by Blake Fletcher at the Half Hour Intern podcast and one thing stood out:

Blake is committed to personal development and mental health and his guests are stellar.

Beyond my interview about neuro-linguistic programming, Blake recently featured Will Jiang, the bestselling author of 63 books on mental health.

Will Jiang suffers from schizophrenia and his story is the epitome of inspiration. If you're in any...
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Tortured by the Pursuit of Gratitude – Why Attitude of Gratitude Research Isn’t So Simple

Image credit to Gecko&Fly

If Stalin's take on gratitude tells us anything, we should embrace an attitude of gratitude with all our might. We'll see below that science appears to agree. Gratitude research, however, is often reported by bloggers and the media in misleading ways, turning the pursuit of gratitude into emotional torture.

A recent article in the National Communication Association’s Review of Communication has confirmed that gratitude, health, and happiness go hand in...
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Depression Now the Number One Cause of Disability Worldwide

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is the single largest contributor to disability in the world today, with an estimated 322 million people suffering from its disabling effects. That’s an increase in just one decade.

A depressive episode, typically described as a loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, problems coping with everyday tasks, and a feeling of persistent sadness lasting two weeks or more, can lead to lost productivity due...
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7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Mood

Feel better quickly with these 7 mood-boosting tips.

Approximately 24 percent of Americans suffer from extreme stress at least once a year, and this number has been increasing rapidly since 2014. Not only does stress feel bad and make it difficult to concentrate and sleep but it can also lead to serious health problems.

Therefore, it’s vitally important to take regular steps to boost your mood and stay as de-stressed as...
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15 Existential Questions that Could Improve Mental Health

Cartoon purchased from Andertoons by Mike Bundrant

Do you regularly ponder life’s deeper meaning and other existential questions?

How about biting into juicy explorations of religion, morality, spirituality, and God? Or do you shy away from potentially disturbing existential questions, finding security and safety in your established beliefs?

A study recently published in the Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science suggests that individuals who are willing to confront existential questions may have greater immunity to depression and anxiety.

According to Professor...
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Research Shows the Best Way to Educate Students

We know a large number of students are not reaching their full potential in our educational system. They are not being taught the proper learning techniques for improving educational outcomes.

Research shows that students are relying heavily on techniques that received a low utility assessment, as compared to effective techniques such as distributed practice, that rank high.
Research Shows Distributed Practice is an Effective Learning Technique
Knowing there is a need for improving the educational system's process, learning...
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5 Researched Herbs (in RediCalm) Used to Manage Anxiety

High-demand jobs, financial problems, health issues, and maybe even a new teenage driver in the get the idea.

High stress and anxiety go hand-in-hand with modern life.

It's not surprising that remedies for anxiety abound. With names like RediCalm, they cleverly suggest relief.

But are popular herbal ingredients effective?

Today we'll focus on specific herbs for anxiety that have been researched. We'll use the ingredient list for RediCalm, although you should understand this post is in...
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Unconscious Emotions Could be Why Some Problems are Hard to Change

We all understand that emotions affect motivation, mood, decisions and behavior. Remaining calm and cheerful and positive typically leads to the best decisions and reactions.

But why is this so often difficult to do? You can consciously understand how you should feel and act, yet behave in an opposite manner.

It’s so easy to be set off, often by the simplest things. Worse, sometimes we can’t stop the downward spiral into emotional pain. It’s...
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Bestselling Author of 50 Books Reveals His Amazing Journey with Schizophrenia

As a mental health blogger, sometimes you run across people with a story you simply must tell. Such is the case with Will Jiang of Mental Health Books.

Will is a long-time sufferer of schizophrenia. His story is one everybody interested in mental health should read.

Fortunately, Will accepted my invitation to ask him some bold questions about his life. I jumped at the chance.

What follows are my questions and Will Jiang's answers....
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